UWE students fail at letting balloons go...

You know, you'd think it the easiest thing in the world. Go to university, get some sort of moral conscience, pretend to give a fcuk about Black Africa, then one day think "Let's do one of those really original charity balloon releases like all my equally fcuking retarded pseudo-left wing mates - check my right-on credentials out!"

Then all you do is fill some balloons with helium, gather some retards, and let them go.

What could possibly go wrong?
They're UWE - it's not a real university. The idea is that mongs will be attacted to the red ballons, any mongs fit enough to catch the ballons and return them to UWE are given entry to a three year course in ice-cream and window licking studies
UWE students are window licking retards and we genrally just point and laugh when we see them.
For one glorious moment I thought from the rapid series of bangs that one of the student body had taken an American approach to Higher Education.

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