UVF voulunteers jailed from Liverpool

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by discodan, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. Ive looked at the video that GMP had as evidence. Obviously not all the evidence but what part of the video was imcriminating for them.

    The fact of having this video on their PC or where they one of the flag bearers??, surely its not illegal to have such a video on your computer or be a flag bearer.
  2. Could it have had something to do with the masked gun men, maybe...possibly??

    AND the fact they admitted being members of a banned organisation!
  3. Noted but would that be illegal for you to have it on your pc?. I could hypathetically take a video say of a Republican display with masked IRA guys firing guns, but would that make me guilty of pocessing such material!
  4. Having re-read the article I dont believe that footage incriminated them, the video was merely footage found during the investigation which:

  5. I suppose section 13 of the Terrorism act 2000 could have been used :

    13. - (1) A person in a public place commits an offence if he-

    (a) wears an item of clothing, or
    (b) wears, carries or displays an article,
    in such a way or in such circumstances as to arouse reasonable suspicion that he is a member or supporter of a proscribed organisation.
  6. well yes although I think regardless of that being in possession of and firing illegal weapons might go against the masked lot!!!

    black tie, white shirt brigade.....hmmmmm...

    BUT again the video wasnt used to incriminate them it was used to point out there are more members of a banned/secret organisation out there who have not been convicted.

    Edited to add apparently in Merseryside, although Im not sure of the connection to that bit of footage as that isnt Merseyside!
  7. Hmm - funny that loyalists are still getting locked up for their "crimes"

    But certain other well known republicans, known to be responsible for murder, are still walking free...

  8. Not just walking free, but released early for some of the most horrorific murders of this century. Damn shame in my opinion. Most of those murderers should have been killed. Death Penalty is needed here.
  9. Volunteers?
    F*ucking Terrorists!

    So called "loyalists" are more likely to be arrested and imprisoned for the simple reason that their organisations are unlikely to bomb London in reprisal.
  10. Disco Dan, if you lived a few doors down from him you must also have lived a few doors down from my Mum & Dad - Scarsdale - Right?

    Also Mr Irwins brother also played for LFC.
  11. that is correct

    to be honest I liked the bloke... would gab to me when I was on the doors in Rourkes ;)
  12. Talking to our kid last night, he said the same, use to fix his motorbike on a few occasions.

    Small world hey!
  13. very small.. odd or even numbers your mam and dad?
  14. Discodan,

    59 to be exact. Mum has passed on now, Dad in sheltered accomodation down by the Western Approaches. I remember a 1st Tankie living opposite, I think his first name was Gary.
    did you know that Thompson - Jamie Bulger's killer lived in the same road - Bastard!