UVF murder report uncomfortable

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. A forthcoming report on the police handling of a UVF murder is likely to be "extremely uncomfortable" for the British state, Peter Hain has said.

    " I wonder what the extremely uncomfortable part of the report contains?"

    Link here
  2. I find Hain's constant sucking up to fenians extremely uncomfortable, not to mention concerned for the future.
  3. Very inclusive and forward thinking comment there VB....

    "sucking up" to Fenians.... as the Catholic population of NI no doubt all deserve calleing eh.

    I'm pretty sure if you scraped at the uniforms of the new PSNI, you'll see the same shade of orange that was present under the old RUC....inclusive policing my arrse.

    Time to put this sh1t to bed surely.
  4. I fear that it's you doing the stereotyping.

    I do think that Hain sucks up to Sinn Fein and other republican interest groups. It's government policy, after all. I did not say that he sucks up to all the catholics because as far as I know, not all catholics in NI are republicans, and nor do they support SF and other republican groups.

    I confess to being a fan of the PSNI, since you mention them. I think they do an exceptionally difficult job and in general they do it very well, despite the endless political interference. They have made far more progress towards trying to recruit Catholics, in a shorter time, than many mainland police forces have with their minorities.
  5. I'm not one to know about politics but since the IRA has decomissioned their weapons. They now know they cant win against us British they tried for 30 odd years but we still won they are now prob going to try and do it the way through government to get there United Ireland which wont happen.
  6. . . . all of them? Have we seen evidence? Are we sure? . . . . :?:
  7. I'm not sure they prob have emergancy ones' incase they dont get their way in gov. I read in the paper that the Police from both sides of the border foiled a RIRA bombinb campaign.
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Tell that to the 18 year old who was kneecapped in West Belfast on Friday night.He had to have his leg taken off below the knee!!!!
    The IRA (or anyone for that matter!) giving up their guns!! You've more chance of Big Ian going for a pint with Gerry & Martin than that happening.

    See the post I set yesterday-

  9. I didnt see that i had a reltive blowen up by them cowards :x
  10. If Hain is already admitting that he is worried then there must be something pretty bad in that report. Unless he's trying to double bluff Gerry and Martin....

    The TV and papers in NI will no doubt be getting all excited about this one. I can't wait to see the crock of sh*t that An Phoblacht comes up with.
  11. I always thought Hain's appointment as Secretary of State for NI very strange, he was a former chairman of the Troops Out movement and has very strong Republican leanings. imagine the outcry if a former member of the Orange Order in England was appointed as NI secretary of state.
  12. Agreed Rab. It pains me to say it, because in other circumstances I view him with suspicion, but of the post '97 labour Secretaries of State I though Peter Mandelsson was the best.
  13. Aren't RUC and PSNI uniforms green?
  14. And a South African!
  15. So does anybody know when this report's going to be published then?