UVF members 'may be buying guns'

Belfast Telegraph 4 November 2010

Members of a major loyalist paramilitary group in Northern Ireland are considering buying guns only months after they were supposed to have disarmed, it has emerged.

A watchdog group blamed the leadership of the Ulster Volunteer Force for sanctioning the murder of a former supporter and for allowing members to gather intelligence on dissident republicans.

The Independent Monitoring Commission also said UVF elements had discussed buying weapons, and while the move may not be part of a wider plan, it advised government to watch closely for breaches in the group's ceasefire.

The findings of the 25th IMC report on paramilitary activity in Northern Ireland were overshadowed by the announcement that the watchdog is to be shut down by the British and Irish governments six years after they set it up to bolster confidence in the peace process.

UVF members 'may be buying guns' - Northern Ireland, Local & National - Belfasttelegraph.co.uk
I MIGHT go to Asda this weekend. Then again I MIGHT not.

This MIGHT go to the hole.
Nothing really new or surprising in that statement.

What with the current dissident republicans flexing their scrawny muscles and the perceived threat to the protestant communites as a whole, it's perhaps only to be expected that the ever expanding ranks of the good ole' defenders of Ulster will want to add some new hardware to their armoury. Some of them just refuse to let go, and as usual the majority of law abiding Ulster will suffer as a result.

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