Utterly Utterly useless...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Drop_Short, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. This arrived in my inbox this morning, nice to see that the movers are living up to their reputation :twisted:

    Text is reproduced below. Just an advisory,to the best of my knowledge we can't reproduce material on HoC headed notepaper without prior permission!

  2. am i the only one who can't see the .tif?
  3. Did you not get the full letter? It stretched to three pages, IIRC. Makes very sobering reading.
    Granted the Movers didn't star at Akrotiri or Brize Norton, but there are plenty of issues with the crew, ops and operating a 40 year old Air Transport Fleet.
    I wouldn't like to be in that DAMO's shoes though...
  4. Apologies - I think the "work" firewall may have blocked the upload, I will try again!
  5. DS

    Don't worry I always love to see people trying to slag off someone and making an ARRSE of it.

    Live in a glass house? Don't throw stones.......................
  6. DS

    Right grid reference, wrong map sheet!

    no picture

    pinpoint effects based targeting :)
  7. D_S: Utterly, Utterly Useless..
  8. DS

    Managed to get sight of the source document you could not upload. Surprisingly there is no mention of Army Movers but it is fairly damning to the RAF, suggest your post would be better suited to their forum.

    Time spent in recce rarely wasted!!!!!

    Or perhaps tarring with the same brush the new game? Shall we start with Drop Shorts and RAF Regt?

    Rant done off to pub for pint of pacifier...............................
  9. I do not know why the attachment did not upload, so I have scanned it in and reproduced it below (any errors are a result of this), but you really need to see it with the House of Commons headed paper! :twisted:
    All I can say is well done Mark Lancaster!
  10. A typical air trooping fiasco/journey out of theatre. Sadly, nothing stated in the above letter surprises me in the slightest.
  12. Anyone know what the "following questions" he refers to are?

    Something like:

    1) I bet you wish you'd checked whether an MP was on board before delaying that particular flight, don't you?
    2) When will I be receiving the balls of that Flt Lt on a platter?
  13. That's sh*t.
  14. Exquisite: just sometimes, the people who deserve it get caught with their pants down.... The only sadness is that I am utterly, utterly unsurprised...