Utterly Predictable Things - No 1

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Santa_Sunday, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. Every year 100s of thousands of Muslim pilgrims make the pilgrimage to Mecca....

    Every year hundreds are killed in a stampede at the Hajj pilgrimage...

    Have a guess what happened today....??

    Has NOBODY carried out a risk assessment on this event, or even read last year's PXR...??

    There'll be extras galore after this one. The duty roster will be full for months....
  2. I suggest moving the stones from their present location to 3 seperate and individual sites around mecca - dividing the crowd element by three.

    To further reduce dangers only one stone should be thrown at the pillars by a very senior cleric on behalf of the pilgrims (in a very church of england way) it would "illustrate" the stoning of the devil but be a little less violent.

    3 lane traffic for going through the tunnel, one for old people with zimmers and luggage, one for normal people, and an outside and slightly longer lane for people intent on pushing and shoving and causing havoc. this lane would be flooded to a dpeth of nine inches and be covered in little inflatable rafts and have big pumps in it like those at centreparcs. enabling a speedy yet enjoyably passive circulation in a matter of minutes.

    Luggage should not be bought to the mosque and left luggage facilities should be provided - Its not in the UK so Im sure left luggage wont be bombed at Mecca!
  3. I'd like Blair to go to the next Hajj and take part in the ritual stoning, obviously I'd hope nothing nasty happened to him.

    I think arrse should, to show how much we love him, pay for his seat on the plane. If the mods could setup a paypal account I'll start the ball rolling with 10 quid.
  4. I'll match that £10 and maybe approach the PRI for a grant.....
  5. Stampedes,Plane crashes,Ships sinking.Could it be God's way of telling us we have too many Moslems :twisted:
  6. I'd be willing to pay for the whole trip just to show him how much I love him.
  7. Nobody, I repeat nobody, is to throw another stone, even if they do say 'Jehova'...
  8. Right who started it?

    He did ! him ! him !
  9. ..................jehova................
  10. he is not the messiah ... he is just a naughty boy !
  11. Oh, well...these things happen.

    Perhaps we should encourage greater attendance next time - just to see if learning will take place?