Utterly Boring - Gas & Electricity Bills

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shagnasty, Sep 26, 2008.

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  1. With the buy out of Nuclear Power in this country, by the French Government. The provision of Gas down to our Vodka fuelled mates in Rooshia; any bets on the cost of our Gas & Electric going through the roof in the near future?

    Perchance that our Gobment is taking any notice? Or are they not interested in the long term stability of power supplies to the UK?

    ps: More...but I've just had a power-cut!! Bring back Coal!!
  2. Calm down dear!
    Cyclops says he feels our pain and will help us.So you have no need to worry.
  3. Got a letter through the other day from the electric people informing me that they have to put up prices by 29.5%. Luckily I've not paid for electric for the past year and a half otherwise I'd have been pished off. :wink:
  4. My weekly average for electric from EON is £25 per fookin week.
  5. Thats a joke, right?
  6. Fookin_el.......You running a data centre?
  7. burn your rubbish to heat the house......two birds - one stone!
  8. Or a cannabis factory perhaps?
  9. I'm trying to change suppliers from EDF to Ebico, EDF won't let me until I have paid them off even though the matter is under dispute. Do you reckon I could go to court to make them let me switch over?