Utterly bizzare ex locations/ setups

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by stevie_r, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. Was just looking at some old piccies and came across a couple from a 1 Bde/ UKMF Ex in Denmark - must have been around 88. Someone had the bright idea of digging in Diamond 1 underground using linked mexe shelters (10 or 12 bays IIRC). It took feckin days, even with a bit of RE plant support - the plant can only get in so far resulting in a hell of a lot of spade work.

    Having completed it, the Brig and his principles came and had a look for about 10 minutes, decreed it not quite suitable and said it could now be dismantled/ filled in - marvellous. The daftest thing was that this was B Tp (step up) which only provided 1 complex vehicle, the rest being swingers or came from parent units. So this marvellous feat of engineering had only one vehicle in it, mine. Could we not just have dug one double shelter to give you an idea?

    Additionally I got bollocked by the OC as a member of the Danish press sneaked in and managed to get a picture of me on set.

    With regard to pics, I presume I'm not allowed to post any if they have other guys faces in them?
  2. Once set up in a cow farm. Box bodys in the (empty) silage store bunkers and covered over with that white plastic sheeting the farmers use on the stuff.

    Sleeps was in the hayloft above the cows and feeding was done in an adjecent barn.

    The first 2 days was just a struggle not to vomit every time you breathed in but after that you got used to it and found it amusing when anyone visited.

    We ******* stank for days and the kit honked for months despite copious visits to the washdown.

    This was 22Sigs out of Lippstadt if anyone else has fond memories of the place.
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  3. When with 249 AMF (L), we set up the Echelon in a disused aircraft hangar that used to belong to the Russian Airforce. Granted, the exercise was taking place in Slovenia, a few years after the Cold War ended, but it was still pretty strange. It was the first time NATO had exercised in the country and was due in part to the Slovenians desperation to get into NATO/EU.
    Found them to be really nice people, although their falling down water was lethal!
  4. Was it Slivovitz like you could get in Bos/ Croatia? Both lethal and minging if it was
  5. That's the stuff, or "slip in the ditch"! The Slovenian LO used to serve it up with breakfast - barfing!
  6. On my last exercise with HQ 1(BR) Corps (Winter Sales 92?) we had setup MAN02 somewhere on Sennelager ranges. By this time we had stopped hiding in factories and warehouses and some bright spark decided that the corps HQ should be located under huge cam nets in the great outdoors. We spent 2 days ensuring the pace was as well hidden and light-proofed as possible (not easy when you have over a regiments worth of kit in one location) at night, but we managed it.
    Cue the arrival of the staff. They took one look at the location sand declared it to be too unsafe as they couldn't see anything.
    10 mins later up went the arc lights. We looked like the final scene out of close encounters, it was a joke.
  7. Same unit setup in a boxheads farm , 4 or 5 inches of compacted cow shit on the cobble stones. Shitty at first but ******* horrendus when it started to rain.Slipping and sliding on liquid cow dung.
  8. Was'nt it 249 (Col Fisher) who got a FFR decided to dismount all the kit and man pack it up a mountain to "prove"it could be done. Shame it was in a howling blizzard minus 20 so the batteries lasted about 7 mins.

    BUT you could do it if needed:)
  9. Oh yes, BAOR exercises and crazy locations. Barns, yards, pig pens and cow sheds. Cooks leaving places worse (if possible) than before, blowing up concrete-standing with No1 burners. Or getting up for breakfast in the middle of nowhere, feck all to be seen for miles and literally knee-deep in snow. There's a challenge for Sodexo.
  10. Not a bizzare location as such but I remember at 1 Div in the mid 70's letting down the tyres on the Auto 40 and MCVF at Div Step Up so as to squeeze them under the door of the barn we had been allocated. When they crashed us out next day it was a a tad slow, OC 3 Sqn was not amused...
  11. Some young Lt at 22 did something similar. Except he was told to prevent the "Enemy" from following us on a move.

    So he borrowed a pair of tin snips from the LAD and cut the wiring looms of all the Enemys 4 tonners ( TEV,TRIFFIDS,Line Det the lot)

    Interview without coffee and a 24 on/ off duty for a month or two followed.
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  12. Another one from 22, some old walled farm down towards Winterberg,

    Deeply wierd place with huge crosses on the walls and doors and a bunch of statues in its own chapel but each one with the head cut off.

    It had a sort of walkway/firing step around the top of the wall which was of course decreed as the sentry post, so there we were doing exactly the same thing as the ******* romans used to do, walking the walls watching for the barbarians to appear out of the German forests. :)
  13. Once did a weeks exercise based in an old RAF Mosquito squadron on the Moray coastline. http://www.secretscotland.org.uk/index.php/Secrets/RAFBanff

    Back then all the buildings and hangers were pretty much still standing. The old control tower still had bits of kit in it and the NAAFI an old piano and pictures on the wall.

    In the Nissin huts, pilots had carved their names or missions into the beams and the Ops room had all the callsigns, locations and so on painted on the wall.

    Sitting in the Control Tower just as the sun was coming up over the horizon had ones mind wandering to thoughts of Mosquitos preparing to take off to attack German shipping, and of planes limping home after a night attack.

    And then some ****** shouted "Stand To!"
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  14. Was that in 1998? I was the 501 Det Comd attached from 30 Sigs.

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  15. Remember moving a node in to farm complex in germany. The recce had shown we had to cross fields and they could easily take the weight of box bodies.
    When it came to the actual exercise, we moved in under cover of night to find the farmer had ploughed field an spread muck about a foot deep on it. No one found this out until in the field and covered in sh*t. Took ages to get out and stank to high heaven.
    When the farmer was asked he thought we were coming in a different way. Bonus is he cooked a breakfast and coffee for us all whilst we were getting the wagons out.