Utter Gung Ho (Septic) Drivel.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bad_Crow, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. Sorry if it has already been discussed but i have looked and cannot find.

    How Sh1te was that Over there bollocks that was on Sky 1 earlier. The Septics on Arrse must have been cringing at the thought of us witnessing that Bull sh1t. From a 3 day section in defence shoot to a Charge of the light brigade over the top of a trench. It looked like some sea cadet had done the Military advisers job.

    I hope never to witness that Crap again. I would rather wear ou Regts new Beret and badge!
  2. Watched about 15 mins (including adverts) before I decided that it was utter sh1te. Watched the stuff that I had videoed tonight and have vowed never to watch it again,
  3. Most US military have also concluded that it is utter tripe.

    Unfortunately, most US military have very little say over what the Entertainment industry does. R. Lee is about as good as it gets for us. That said, the show didn't last that long, got cancelled in the first season. Perhaps viewers in general figured it out.

  4. You will never know how gutted i am that you didnt say

    "Why what the hell was up with it? Semper Fi Huh!" etc

    I was already laughing at the thought. Well if you think it was about as realistic as Star Trek too then i guess i should put all Septics back in my good books until the next debate :twisted:
  5. Wow, dude. You have some serious spam issues, don't you? Care to share what gave you the flaming red ass?
  6. Watched 10 minutes of it, cringed at them charging the targets shouting some hoohah nonsense and so turned over.
    Didn't give it a chance to redeem itself, but looks like I made the right choice!
  7. Fortunately, I missed the entire clusterfcuk, but I heard from others that it was a typical Hollywood sham. But what can you expect? I mean, it's Hollywood, for fcuks sake. They could film me taking a dump and make it out to be high drama. Which I suppose it could be after a dozen beers, 4 burrito's and a case of hemorrhoid's.
  8. Sawdusty! What are you doing over here?
  9. Making a nuisance of myself. :D
  10. Look here, the bloke with the night-scope on his M16 seemed able to slot them at will right? So why didn't he just crack on with it? The insurgents helpfully stood in semi-illumed window spaces and bunched up almost as much as the septics when they came out of the "mosque". Golly, weren't there a lot of them too??
  11. Tour Of Duty for the "satan" generation.....
  12. bag o shite. they should watch soldier soldier to see how its done. and since when have yanks used 432s!. watched shameless much better.
  13. probably go down well with the "ultimate farce" brigade
  14. Thought I saw a 432. Aren't there enough M113s kicking about the place? Oh yes. It was utter drivel.
  15. Nah mate. No real Spam issues. Just bad TV issues with the chick saying. "Is that really what its like". I nearly sh1t myself laughing when they were having a quick chat in the middle of their charge. It was so very Gay! How predictable was it that the Bedford/Daf/(whatever the septics call em) was gonna roll over a mine or an IED. I tut in there general direction.