Utter Gem.

Some stern faced warriors there - good find
Top left REALLY wanted to join up for real, but mommy wouldnt let him soooo....
what if any unit are they ment to represent,,commandos,rtr,,kings
mcdonalds......burger king
Too bad they dont follow the old booty tradition of cross dressing, now that would be fcuking funny. That said, the 2 at the back must have qualified for National Service??
Man_at_MAN said:

You are being a bit cruel. They do say that they are just a re-enactment society.
"Lets pretend to be people who died fighting for their country so we can shy away from repressed memories of child abuse and our weird lustings for young boys.
GWAAAAAR! Now thats a ginger.
Is that child there of its own accord or has it been waltnapped??
STAB2ARABConverter said:
I know this should be in the walt thread but i couldnt have it looked over when it was just sitting there on google....

Hard as Nails, Fat as Fcuk.

Never in the field of human conflict have I seen such shite berets.

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