Utter crap or real event?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bensonby, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. I've been doing a bit of high-brow reading: A book of "Darwin Awards" - an inventory of how people have died in stupid circumstances. This one jumped out at me as a supposed "near miss" but it isn't verified properly (as a lot of them are - through newspaper references etc.) and personally, for a couple of reasons, I don't think it rings true I wonder if anyone can shed any light:

    The above is from the book,"The Darwin Awards" by Wendy Northcutt, 2000. pp. 158-159
  2. I dont remember a petrol station in York St, We had to drive out to Palace barrecks in Hollywood to refuel when I was there
  3. i read a story in a book about an ira asu that planted a car bomb with command wire and where watching it from a hill, a unit of royal marines was passing the car and noticed something funny inside it, he then called the unit over and there where about 6 or 7 of them all looking in the windows when the ira blew it up, the bomb failed to explode the correct way and there was a small thud from inside the car.

    good drills eh?
  4. No. Anything but.
  5. complete balls empty car " Fetch Felix "
  6. I can’t verify nor deny the incident, however, I would ask the question as to why they would be filling up at a civilian petrol station.

    It doesn’t ring true in that respect

    Edit to add: But then again I never had the responsibility of filling white fleet in the province in that era
  7. Did PIRA really attempt to fire RPGs from moving vehicles in the early 70s? I heard there was a few players frazzled in the early days. True or urban myth?
  8. No but here's one that got hit by a fekcer notice where the car door ended up the rocket motor carried it that far after the warhead had exploded

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  9. I do remember seeing the footage one security camera taken from XMG (if memory serves) which showed a team from a multiple from a certain unit patrolling up to what was a suspicious vehicle. vehicle was well low at the back, hence the reason the camera operator was zooming towards it. Point man patrols past without a second look, second man strolls over to have a shufty, team commander joins him....bang. Not very nice.

    Also remember a rather clever young man who climbed up one of the trees along the Whiterock road (behind the wall) one evening to present a passing patrol with a 'sweety jar'. I believe he was found twenty minutes later still out cold underneath said tree
  10. I've heard that story a few times although each time some of the details are slightly different ie in another version instead of an off duty copy it was a Sherpa van with prison service bods who on seeing the shooting going on opened fire at both sides as they drove by.

    I've always thought it was a possible event.
  11. heard the tale very similar, para's and UDR, both gave same location on contact reports. I haven't been in the province since 1985 so its a very very old tale ( or urban myth )
  12. another version has them breaking down not filling up.

    I'd bet there is some truth to the story.
  13. There is no doubt that there were a number of blue on blues, but this one, I think is a bit "urban myth" made up of a number of incidents, over a long time
  14. Its happened on a number of occasions where a device has partialled, and people have got extremely lucky.

    Only about 5 months ago the PSNI were driving over a bridge and a device partialled underneath it.
  15. Anybody going anywhere near an empty car in NI must have a death wish, infact it was illegal to leave an un-searched car in Belfast City Center, When a device has partialled, that is differant, even the odd ATO has come unstuck with them. Secondarys are differant matter. I was involved in one down near Clougher and lost two good friends

    These stories are probably bassed on fact but have been "Mythed Up" to tell a better tail