Utter cnut laughs at Judge.

Sounds like we had a Judge here who actually wanted to pass down a sentance worthy of hte name.

Shameless Daniel Valentine, 31, committed a burglary just weeks after being released early from a six-year prison sentence for a string of 'terrifying' robberies.
He even wished Judge Anthony King a Merry Christmas before being led away in handcuffs from the dock.
Judge King said he had wanted to give Valentine a consecutive sentence - but was legally unable to do so.
He condemned law-makers, adding he 'wondered what parliament was up to' when it devised the current system.
On being sentenced to just 29 months at Oxford Crown Court, Valentine replied: 'A total of 29 months? Thank you.
'Mr King, everyone was wrong about you - you are all right. Merry Christmas.'

How long for contempt?
And he's been allowed to breed! Tut tut.
At least he had the manners to say 'thank you'.

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