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Utter c ck end candidates

I'm sure my constituency can't be the only one with an utterly deluded c ck end standing as an independent with a raft of policies that make the Natural Law Party seem like Arch Tories.


I suppose losing his deposit will be a refreshing change to having a tantric w_nk....

Anyone beat that?
Well to be fair violence solves nothing, except of course in a violent situation. As I said to the Labour candidate last night. He was obviously a)an irony free zone, b)a prominent dullard and c)no fan of Ali G! He walked away from Cuddles Towers with a thought bubble saying "Was he taking the piss out of me, a serious politician? Surely not!" projecting from his bonce.
I always find the Monster Raving Looney Party a good laugh. The best bit is that if a candidate gets his deposit back (i.e. get a certain number of votes) then he is kicked out of the party as his policies are obviously not mad enough.


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