Utter **** at press ups!

Hallo and sorry for making a new post but I've had a gander through countless posts and I cannae be arsed anymore.
I've been attempting the manly version and can manage about 5 tops (everything else is coming along nicely). And even then I think I'm not doing good form press ups. Does your nose have to be about an inch from the floor? Or are they tested on lowering your chin onto your partners fist? =|
What exercises could I do other than press ups or is it practise makes perfect?
(also, on a side note, I read a post on here somewhere about 'weights are only good for weight lifting', and to only use body weight exercises? Is it worth cancelling my gym membership and looking at this BMF everyones talking about?)


Practice does help. Keep at it.

Weights are fine, but it depends on what you're doing. Low weight, high rep, will improve your muscle stamina, and strength. Work on your biceps, triceps, some upper back work.

Are you overweight? The lighter you are the easier they become, obviously.
Unfortunatley the only thing you can do to improve your press-ups are more press-ups. Weight training in your gym will only exercise specific muscle groups, while press-ups use a multitude. If you are looking to join and are struggling with this I would suggest that you concentrate on this rather than weight training.
The best way's to improve are just by banging out as many good press-ups in correct form as you can every week day, and then every three days try to add five more on to it. Another method which is pretty effective are pyramid press-ups.
I.e. Start at a low number and work to a higher number, then back down. You can also rest inbetween numbers if you need to.
So, press-ups could be... 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1 giving you an end result of twenty five press-ups per set. When you improve simply add on a new higher number ...4,5,6,5,4,3 etc.
As has been mentioned, body weight is a big factor with any type of exercise so running is also crucial. It also helps to practise to gain a satisfactory PFT time.

Hope this helps
I had the same issue, and the answer is the same as above - just keep banging them out. If its any consolation, improvement can be rapid - you just have to keep doing them every day. Get the technique right, if you look up during them I've found it easier to keep technique correct.
Do you spend a lot of time in front of the telly ? Use this method, every time there is an add break on smash out some press ups. Watch telly for one hour, thats at least 6 ad breaks, think about it. This method also works at work, each time you pass a certain point, bang out some pressups.
My bmis all good so I'm not over weight. Then again I'm called bubble bum so I imagine thats weighing me down a fair bit.
I've just bought the 100 push ups app for my phone, so everytime I get bored at work or home I'll force a few out. That works on 3 day weeks, so I'll try the pyramid on 'rest days'. Cheers very much for those.
Still don't know whether I'm doing decent push ups though? Nose right to the floor or chin 2/3 inches from floor? My friend just took the Michael out of me and said my elbows should tuck down the side of my body rather than going outwards? Does it even matter?

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