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Hopefully going to it this year, and was wondering if anyone else here is, and if anyone's been before and can tell me what it's like? And more importantly, how long is that damned endurance run??!!
i am going, and like you not been before. Going with tayforth uotc.

what is this about endurance run, nobody mentioned that, i thought it was about casevac from afv's, shooting from afv's etc.

Cavalry are surly not to heavy on their fitness, they have the things to run about in.
All we've been told is it involves an overnight ex with CR2s, some other stuff and an endurance run, but casevac sounds more fun! Guess we'll find out before too long.
Not been before, it always used to clash with something. When is it, and where? From what I've heard from others it sounds like a load of fun and a good experience.
18th-20th March, and it clashes with Brief Encounter, but the plus side to this is you don't have to pay £45!
Not necessarily linked to this - anyone got any info on Brief Encounter - programme etc?
That would be a good guess - anyone got any first hand experience of it though?
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