Utopian Vagabond 2005

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by gd84, Mar 21, 2005.

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  1. Just to say how great london was this weekend. although we came second by a point its not the winning that counts. Its the fact that we absolutely cained the other (inferior) otcs when its came to the proper wary stuff. unlucky!
  2. were you on the anti war march then?
  3. Ok, so London came second, who Won.. yes it does count! :p

    And what happened on the weekend? anything worth repeating? Anyone get to live fire?
  4. Yeah I got to live fire, but it wasn't with the sodding cav!! I'd be surprised if anyone actually got a look at a tank, let alone did anything near shooting.
  5. they dont invite wales anymore, cos we always win

    shame u guys are sore losers and so dont invite us any more

    chin chin, never know might come close ot been as good as us
  6. What is it about all the non-northen otc's that put up lame posts declaring themselves to be the best. You can't even word a full paragraph most of the time. A prime example above. Get a job. Now the welsh have finally won something, they are also jumping on the bandwagon. Go fight each other and leave leeds, glasgow and edinburger to deal with the proper stuff.

    And no, darkling, queens are not cool.

  7. there is only one breed of cool kid and you all know who u are. and trainee cool kids you know who u are too....
  8. i never knew you cared...
  9. yet again, third and final warning....go play with your chode...

    apologise to anyone who finds me repeatative....

    and orifice....where's your beret?
  10. That's a point. Where is your beret? Did that man you gave a blowjob steal it?
  11. please stop....sides splitting....bigjobs ur a legend....
  12. Is that story known far and wide then?
    Or...Wait, maybe... Bigjobs, were you there when it was announced? :D
  13. Apparently, the best bit was when Orifice-Mouth-to-Penis-Resucitation's Syndicate Leader decided to announce to all and sundry the sordid tale of Orifice's Man-Lovin' to almost everyone there.
    Although many would have guessed it before, we now have the evidence that he is a total **********.
  14. i have been broadcasting it far and wide since i found out at summer camp. we dont need evidence, just look at him.....
  15. I do believe it was mentioned during a particularly intersting game of 'I have never' in Larkhill!