Utopia has been cancelled but its bold legacy will live on

Mr Happy

Of course. The Gaurdian could be wrong..

I thought utopia was a deeply disturbing programme better than much that Hollywood has produced and certainly a good repost to HBO's "movie-quality-series".

Any reason from the G as to why no follow up?
Hooe this is wrong. Didn't like the look of it initially but I soon got hooked. Really well produced.

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Loved Utopia, in dark moments I wish it was real, the world needs a kick ***********.


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Is this the show that had a school massacre graphically portrayed? If so, i think i switched on at just the wrong moment, when it goes from a normal conversation between two blokes, one of which then graphically shoots the other in the head. I recall being sat there, open mouthed wondering 'wtf was going on?'
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