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Utopia has been cancelled but its bold legacy will live on


In The Guardian Utopia has been cancelled but its bold legacy will live on

Disappointed! No more mad acid colored tin foil hattery.

But there still talk of a Fincher version on HBO.

Mr Happy

Of course. The Gaurdian could be wrong..

I thought utopia was a deeply disturbing programme better than much that Hollywood has produced and certainly a good repost to HBO's "movie-quality-series".

Any reason from the G as to why no follow up?
Hooe this is wrong. Didn't like the look of it initially but I soon got hooked. Really well produced.

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Loved Utopia, in dark moments I wish it was real, the world needs a kick ***********.


Book Reviewer
Is this the show that had a school massacre graphically portrayed? If so, i think i switched on at just the wrong moment, when it goes from a normal conversation between two blokes, one of which then graphically shoots the other in the head. I recall being sat there, open mouthed wondering 'wtf was going on?'

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