usually more than 3 weeks waiting?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. Hi there,

    Did BARB test and handed completed medical form to my recruiting sargeant on the 26th July.

    Been 3 weeks yesterday, I phoned my ACIO (Grimsby) and they said they'd sent it but that hadn't heard nothing back yet.

    Am I right in guessing theres a absolute chance next week:p, i am training hard physically and learning all job bits and bobs but the waiting's killing me, I want to be in!.

    Not usually more than 3 weeks then people or might a few people at ADSC medical wing (Lichfield is my closest) be on summer leave perhaps?

    sorry to whinge, I do sometimes get impatient

  2. Nail on head matey.
  3. all of them:p

    you're telling me the Minisitry of Defence dosen't have enough extra staff to cover leave at a very important establishment which determines the medical background clerance/medical/inital selection of young recruits:p

  4. Yes. Chill out they'll come.
  5. trust us wen we say wait.....because it will all seem slow now....then wamm your in phase 1,just give it time
  6. Be patient, Ive had to wait nearly a year to be processed.
    Keep calling your ACIO every now and then to get updates, because remember your not the only recruit they deal with
  7. I've just come back from Lichfield doing my 2 day selection - They didn't seem understaffed or anything.
  8. Ben as I said to you the other week it can take some time to go throug all the paperwork at ADSC Lichfield as the same med wing has a lot of medical forms to go through and also all the selection medicals to do. If there is anything on your form in the yes boxes this has to be checked and clarified by the SMO. Let things take it courseand use this time to ensure your fitness and confidence is up to scratch.
  9. If your impatient now, wait until your in and spend 4 of your 22 years sat around at Brize
  10. I seem to recall the military phrase were looking for is "hurry up and wait"
  11. just a quick questoin,

    ive read horror storys in here about how long the medical questionire takes to get checked and cleared,
    I was wondering is this due to high intake level, or due to the fact they go all the way through your medical history ?

    Im not that worried about my medical past, ive just turned 30 years old, and im fitter now then ever before, and i can outrun some 20 year olds, and get some good marks when i do my ADSC...

    Ive a few accident in my life, just like most kids, was involved in a car crash when i was 15 but i fully recovered..
    so therefore, are the medical test's there to check for on-going health problems, rather than the odd accident that you have recovered from many yrs earlier... ?

    any info is helpfull thank you ...
  12. I misread the title as 3 weeks walting :oops: Sorry.