Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by NigG, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. Is anyone involved with this?

    Can you tell me what the function of the Unified Systems Support Organisation is within the regiment?

    Just so you know I recruit into the defence sector. I have a requirement for people with this experience, but have never come across it before.

    If anyone can shed some light I'd really appreciate it.

    Thank you.
  2. USSO isn't within a regiment it's a separate organisation which is part of 11 Sig Bde and answers to SOinC.

    As I understand it the idea behind USSO was to combine all the disparate R Signals level 3 and 4 support functions into a single organisation. The intention would appear to be to ensure a standardised quality of support to all the different CIS systems used by the Corps. It also simplifies the provision of deployed support to theatre as a single team can be deployed to provide the support to all systems.

    How effective the implementation of this idea has been is open to interpretation.

    I would add the disclaimer that I've had little direct contact with USSO and this is just my impression looking on from outside.
  3. Get the latest issue of "The Wire" (Oct 2009 Pages 8-9), there's an article all about them in there.
  4. You must be in Blandford or you live in one of our many ivory towers???? As any real Siggie is only just managed to get to read the Sept 03 issue. :D
    (I was, I might add still young and thin at that point)
  5. Deejay's overview is accurate. I spent 2 years in the USSO and have since left the Army, what are you recruiting for?
  6. Wow, September '03 !!! Which toilet cubicle did you see that in??? I need it to complete my collection.
  7. Wrong on both counts, fella. I, very sadly, have a subscription to the Wire!!
  8. Whats that about being young and thin!!! Or sat in an ivory tower!! Can't every remember you being sat in any tower, too many stairs to climb for you Chris!!! :p