USS Nautilus - good Radio 4 programme

Today's Archive Hour, presented by the excellent Charles Wheeler:

20,000 Leagues Under the Ice

In 1958, in utter secrecy, the black hull of the world's first nuclear submarine, USS Nautilus, voyaged beneath the ice of the North Pole and entered into legend. 'Nautilus 90 degrees North' flashed the telegram, informing the world of the boat's historic undersea crossing - a message that would sink home both in Washington and Moscow - hinting at American technical genius and the tilting of strategic power.

That voyage was captured on disc and long forgotten. Now Charles Wheeler, speaking with the Nautilus captain and crew, reveals a hidden history of adventure and political intrigue at the limits of human knowledge.
You can listen again for the next week:

Apparently Eisenhower stipulated that Nautilus' first port of call after going under the pole should be British.
Read the book written by the Captain, a very entertaining read. Particularly liked the bits about the relationship with Adm. Rickover who origionally was viwed as a crusty old git , but gradually got to be seen as more of a 'father figure'. A boss who fought his ground, both personally and for his subordinates, and didn't care if he upset anyone!

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