USS Miami on fire.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DavidBOC, May 24, 2012.

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  1. I was not certain whether this should go in the "US" forum but since this is breaking and ongoing I thought I would post it here; especially as it involves a SSN.

    USS Miami caught fire before 1800 today (Wednesday) while in drydock at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine. From video on the TV at 2300 the fire is still burning inside the sub. Her reactor reactor was in cold shutdown for overhaul and there was no ordinance on board.

    A foam fire truck is on it's way from Boston's Logan Airport at this time as well as a US Navy fire truck from Groton, Connecticut. They will assist the Maine and New Hampshire firefighters working on the fire now. (Portsmouth Naval Shipyard sits on the Maine/New Hampshire border). There are reports that several firefighter have been brought to hospital.

    Submarine At Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Catches Fire « CBS Boston

    Fire still burning aboard nuclear-powered USS Miami |

    Note: Miami is a Los Angeles Class (SSN 688) fast attack sub. Of the original 62 ships in the class only 42 remain in active service.
  2. Oh god, they will be blaming it on some terrorist organisation and using it as an excuse to invade some little tin pot country.
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  3. Having been there when wife worked there the terrorists might have a difficult job getting near the nukes.
  4. Having spent a little time on US camps in Germany I would beg to differ. They still need to blame someone.

    Anyway, I note that they state that the reactor wasn't operating at the time. Thats good then, whether it was or was not, if the fire gets to it, its not going to be a very good situation for the chaps there.
  5. That's nasty - I hope everyone is OK.
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  6. Uncalled for, and this isn't the NAFFI.
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  7. Just saw this on CNN....hopefully the people are OK. At least there was no ammo and the reactor was cold.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Squaddie logic says its a sub, open the doors and let it sink? However that would be difficult and expensive although possibly only scratch the paint on the US defence budget!
    If security is tight you can be sure someone is checking the firefighers security clearance!
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  9. **** do I need to get the SLR and 58 pat webbing out.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    No but in true Capt Mainwaring style I will be expecting you to hand it over and I'll sort you an armband out!
  11. Excellent, thanks!!
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  12. It was a humorous remark. No need to get the hump over it. In fact I will give it a jolly good liking as I found it quite topical, taking into account weapons of mass destruction, lack thereof and in connection with Iraq.

    Hope no one is hurt there though.
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  13. Corrected :)

    Though, thats still more than we have ships in our entire Navy, though we probably have more Admirals ;)

    Any video footage?
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  14. Of the Admirals?
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