USS Liberty questions

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by armchair_jihad, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. A few questions from an ignorant Brit;

    I have just been watching an old TV doc posted on the Persian Freedom thread, concerning the USS Liberty 'incident'

    And I was hoping to know a couple of things that a quick scan of google is not answering.

    1, The Commander of the Carrier that launched aircraft to repel the attack was ordered to abort by a senior officer not directly in his CoC - does anyone know why?

    2, What could the Israeli's possibly hope to gain by this attack? Or was it a fanatic, out of control element within the IDF, that was covered up?

    3, Have the Israelis responsible ever visited the US?

    4, What would be the US attitude today to a similar event?

    5, How widely known within the US is this event?

    6, What would have happened if the Israelis had killed all on board?

    7, Why did the attack stop approx 1 hour + in?

    8, I regard the treatment of the USS Liberty's Veterans as shameful from the limited information I have seen, has their treatment improved?

    Many thanks in advance

    Oh and before Mora or any other drone sanctioned to attack 'antisemitism' on line steps in, I don't accept the 'accident' theory at all, machine gunning life rafts shows intent of mass murder not mistaken identity.
  2. Wow! I've never heard of this incident before!

    Lots of questions though - particularly in light of the fact that GB and F were in cohots with Israel prior to Suez!
  3. It's relatively unkown to most people. I don't think it's part of a coverup, most people have very little interest in history except for Hollywoods "infotainment" movies.

    All my life I've noticed that most of my fellow Americans think of Israel as Americas good friend and ally. At a young age, so did I. I believe actually going there started to change my perception.
  4. Typical blue on blue once an attack starts people just see a target as an enemy even though its obvious it isnt .Doubt there is a huge conspircy just a fcuk up .
  5. Agreed. The true conspiracy is when Israel repeatedly plays the victim card while simultaneously being a major power in the region. Or pretending to be Americas good friend while pursuing it's own agenda even to others detriment.

    I doubt the rank and file of the IDF have too many ulterior motives.
  6. And the Israeli patrol boats which closed to within 50ft during the 6 minute long attack didn't see the ma-husive stars and stripes or the words USS Liberty written across her stern or CTR-5 writen on her bow? They didn't read the words US Navy stencilled on the side of the liferaft they hauled out of the water?

    Utter cobblers.
  7. Given the time in which this happened I think that it was deliberate, but that the Isreali Government didn't have complete knowledge.

    Given the time place and circumstances, I wouldn't be one bit surprised if some in the Isreali military and in some areas of the civilian government saw the ship as a threat.

    It is fully reasonable to believe that the US was playing both sides of the fence, feeding the Isrealis intel (admitted to by numerous accounts and testimony) and at the same time keeping Isreal under surveilance and feeding the Arabs with intel (heard that through my hydra-dyne discronificator).

    Maybe the Isrealis caught on and some rouge element went after the Liberty.

    The truth will never be known, but most likely lies in between all the inquiries and reports.