USS Liberty - Dead in the Water

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Henno G, Sep 25, 2011.

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  1. It wasn't sunk, it was towed back to Malta, we used to pass the time on watch counting the holes in it whilst it was in dry dock. Was in the Med when the incident happened. We were patrolling off the Libyan, Egyptian coast waiting to take off British nationals. The ship stuck it's nose in where it wan't wanted and paid the consequences, the Israelis mistook it for an old Egyptian horse trading vessel. We weren't far away when it was going on and when the ships radar picked up the Israeli planes heading our way we ran up so many Union jacks and White Ensigns it look like Belfast on the 12 July
  2. I was a little skeptical about an institutional cover-up until I read the statements and affidavits of Captain Ward Boston USN and Admiral Merlin Staring the USN Judge Advocate General > Statement of Rear Admiral Merlin H. Staring, JAGC, USN (Ret.) | USS Liberty Cover Up - > Affidavit of Captain Ward Boston, USN, JAG (Ret.)

    That the IDF confused the USS Liberty with the Egyptian horse freighter El Quseir on a clear and cloudless day is beyond belief. Why a public inquiry was blocked for the attack on the most highly decorated ship in USN history and how the IDF knew what frequencies to jam to prevent the Liberty calling for help are just a couple of the questions that still remain to be answered. Unfortunately all relevant US official documents have been sealed - probably to avoid embarrassing the Izzies.

    There was a lot going on that day, including the IDF massacre of POW's at Al Arish and an IDF attack on a USAF ECR1 aircraft that was monitoring the attack on the Liberty.

    The US Congress - finest politicians a Shekel can buy.
  3. The USS Liberty has a central superstructure, with one funnel right in the middle, and a radio mast at each end, whereas the El Quseir has a central superstructure, with one funnel right in the middle, and a radio mast at each end. I doubt those who study a picture of each one side by side from the comfort of their house and proclaim that the differences are obvious have ever stood on a moving platform trying to look at a moving vessel some distance away through binoculars, then tried to compare it with a picture in a book. A clear and cloudless day in that area would, I bet, mean that there was a good chance of some glare.

    Didn't their initial broadcast get heard? Does this not suggest that the jamming station picked up the frequencies on which they were transmitting, and then jammed those frequencies.
  4. Sounds almost word for word from the Izzie's excuse book and thoroughly discredited on the USS Liberty's web-site.

    Quite apart from the fact that the IDF had identified the Liberty earlier in the day during several recce over-flights, the El Quseir was stranded in Alexandria harbour at the time.

    I spent a few weeks in the comfort of my house last year but also spent 230 days at sea on the bridge of a DP3 class construction vessel. To confuse the USS Liberty with the El Qureir is simply unbelievable.

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  5. Presumably the two ships weren't handily parked next to each other to allow the Israelis to compare their sizes when the attack happened?
  6. [​IMG]


    Yep, must have been hard to get a positive ID from that range with a pair of 7x50's…
  7. You're making sense again, aren't you? I don't think it's that sort of thread.

    My money is on those pesky lizardmen having a webbed hand in this.
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  8. \

    The IDF was 100% aware that the El Quseir had been tied up and out of service in Alexandria for years

    ETA: Pictures on the MTB's bridge card… clearly shows a SMALL ship.

  9. Did my mention of the fact that the El Quseir was stranded in Alexandria harbour lead you to this amazing conclusion or did you figure it out all on your lonesome? Must be why this thread is posted in The Intelligence Cell.
  10. Of course, all these fine theories fail to address the central fact of why Israel would deliberately attack a US ship, and why American politicians would take the risk of covering it up, even if bribed - American politicians have no shortage of opportunities for graft.
  11. And that sounds to me like a tinfoil-hat wearing statement of something which appears obvious, but isn't. The silhouettes you show are so obviously different that no-one could possibly confuse the two. The trouble is, as Fr Ted had to explain to Fr Dougal, "Now concentrate this time, Dougal. These (pointing to plastic cows on table) are very small; those (pointing out of the window) are far away..."

    That is a good attempt at trying to manipulate people into believing that they are prejudiced by being unable to immediately spot the difference, but as I said, the main features of each vessel are strikingly similar, and without the benefit of scale, it would be very difficult to tell them apart at a distance especially when viewed from a fast-moving MTB. The pictures below are from the website, Look at the bottom two, either from as far away from your screen as you can get, or zoom out, and see how when the detail starts to diminish, the main features of both ship are virtually indistinguishable from each other. Can you still tell them apart? If you're not having trouble seeing the difference, then it's likely that you don't want to admit the similarity; and, perhaps, that is the case with the USS Liberty pressure group.

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  12. Which sounds like a pretty deliberate act done in the full knowledge that it was a USN ship being attacked ? Anyway you look at it the idea of an "accidental" attack, mistaken ID etc etc all look like utter and total bollix. The Zionists knew what they were up to.

    I'd guess someone got "The Boys Book of Battered Boats" out after the event to look for something that looked like USS Liberty ....

    ...anyone know how long it look for the "mistaken ID" claim to appear ?

  13. Look, get with the Izzy program!

    Prior to the attack on USS Liberty, the IDF are to be viewed as the most awesome military force on the planet.

    During the attack on the USS Liberty, we have to assume the IDF magically become a force of utter incompetents who accidentally attack for a sustained period using multiple forces, a huge AGR they have been correctly identifying and plotting all morning after magically 'mistaking' it for a tiny derelict horse carrier just before attacking it with jets and MTB's.

    After the attack on USS Liberty, the IDF are once more to be viewed as the most awesome military force on the planet.

    Makes perfect sense.
  14. But why would they attack a US ship? Or is means and opportunity enough by itself, motive be damned?