USS Constitution keeps tradition

Discussion in 'US' started by DavidBOC, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. I am posting below an article from today's Boston Herald.
    When the Boston Naval Yard closed, other than the portion retained was turned into upscale waterfront condos. But the occupants of the posh condos hated having to listen to the gun salute and national anthem at morning colors.

    I am pleased that the US Navy decided to maintain naval tradition. To the British Arrsers, sorry about the references to "vanquished British seamen"

    "Adding a new chapter to its storied history of vanquished British seamen and Barbary pirates, Old Ironsides has emerged victorious once again - this time vs. snooty neighbors seeking to silence the frigate’s cannons.

    The 204-foot USS Constitution will continue its twice-daily blasts along with playing the national anthem - although officials turned the ship around in Boston Harbor on Feb. 18 so the echoing booms are directed away from Charlestown residences.

    “We sent (the neighbors) a letter saying that after reviewing their request, we decided we’re not going to make any changes to the tradition,” said Timothy Cooper, the ship’s commanding officer.

    The Herald reported in November that unidentified neighbors had asked Cooper to reduce the size of the gunpowder charge, turn down the national anthem and eliminate weekend ceremonies altogether.

    The neighbors invited Cooper over for a glass of wine to hear the noise himself, saying the cannon blasts - a tradition dating to 1798 - were “much more disruptive to the neighborhood than (he) might have imagined.”

    Cooper didn’t take them up on their invite. “I appreciate the spirit in which it was offered, but I think it was best to communicate through official correspondence rather than a sit down,” Cooper told the Herald yesterday.

    But he tried using a smaller amount of gunpowder to lessen the cannon noise, only to conclude the ceremony just wasn’t the same.

    In the wake of the kerfuffle, local residents and politicians as well as out-of-towners have rallied round the nation’s oldest commissioned naval vessel with calls, letters and e-mails of support.

    Said Cooper: “It sparked a lot of goodwill for the ship and our traditions.” "
  2. Good for the U.S. Navy! I have no sympathy for rich fat cats who bought those condos built on the former Naval Yard property. The U.S.S. Constitution was there first.
  3. Were the guns firing before they bought their condos?

    If so they knew what they were getting in to...
  4. If they are that hacked off, they should consider going after the Real Estate agents who took them to these properties, probably not when the salute was being fired.

    otherwise tough S*&t
  5. Constitution was there by about 200 years before them. The guns can be a bit loud as they are breech of a 40mm saluting gun machined onto the back of a very old naval gun. About 30 years ago the former CDR OC was a LT(jg) assigned there. One morning I dropped her at work and stopped for coffee in the mess before going to a meeting in a light tan summer suit. I had forgotten about the gun at colors and when it went off i jumped dumping coffee all over the suit. Went to the meeting looking like i had slept in a gutter.

    By the way, the turning of the ship described int he article has nothing to do with pleasing the neighbors. Constitution is turned at intervals to ensure even weathering.
  6. Cheeky fxxxrs. I reckon the Andrew should sail HMS Victory over there and sink that old scow at anchor. They should do this on August 24, 2014 to mark the 200th anniversary of the burning of Washington by the Canadians.

    It will give the Andrew something to do while they're waiting for their new boats.
  7. Erm... you chaps might have a problem there. HMS Victory has not been afloat since 1922. She is a wonderful ship with a valiant history but she neither floats or sails. USS Constitution both floats and sails.

    I should note that Constitution carries a number of British guns and carronades marked with the broad arrow. These were prizes from British warships captured. Please note however that when Constitution captured these ships she did not require the sailors to surrender any iPods.

    As to the British attack on Washington and burning the WHite House; is there any way I could prevsil upon you to come back now and do it again. I am sure it would improve our governance.
  8. Hang on. The USS Constitution sports 44 guns, if I remember correctly. So that'll be 22 a side. Why not turn the boat a bit and put a grapeshot broadside through the building? Every time the moaning bastards start a new whinging session, they get another one. Thad'll learn 'em!

  9. Good drills by the USN: I hope ours would do the same in such circumstances. Maybe a bumper sticker along the lines of the 'Fast jet noise: the sound of freedom' ones that the USAF used to slap everywhere would put the new neighbours right?
  10. The moaners ought to consider why they have the freedom to moan. Owed in no small part to the USN.

    Failing that sympathy can be found in the dictionary, somewhere sh1t and syphilis.
  11. Ok then we'll send HMS warrior 1860, that floats and could be previled upon to sail. Well smash up the naval yard whilst we are at it!
  12. I like this idea! Damned fools buying the condos obviously aren't locals as everyone in that town knows about the salute. Kinda like buying a house close to a major airport then whining about the noise...
  13. Unlike here where winging twats buy a house near RAF Wittering, then sue the MOD because of the noisey jets,
    made a few quid out of that scam, twats
  14. This is all much like the problems in recent years in Vermont (Northern New England state). City people from New York and elsewhere buy homes in rural Vermont so they can savor the rural life and then complain and file lawsuits when their neighbors fire up equipment ant dawn to milk cows or when farmers spread manure as fertilizer.