USS Bonhomme Richard on Fire

No - that is why they invented Duck Tape. Used during the jury rigging or the connector for the carbon dioxide scrubbers during the Apollo 13 mission, and some bloke told me RFA ships are held together with it. @instinct may disagree but it was a long time ago.

It even has medical uses - but not for a burnt dick.

The great saving grace of this incident is that no lives were lost. The US Navy and the US nation can replace a ship, but a family cannot replace their loved ones.
I plead the 5th!!
Not many inmates in Jail can have a claim to fame that the cost of the damage they caused runs into about $3 billion!

Bet they're sweating at NAAFI Financial...


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Do the yanks have the death penalty for arson in a naval dockyard?

I know we did up until the late 90s.

I suppose it depends on if the guy is black.


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The USS Bonhomme Richard was officially decommissioned today.
Looks like the US Navy thinks along the same lines as the RN. The ship is burnt out and being decommissioned, but give it a few coats of paint to look good for the ceremony and before she goes to the breakers yard!
"Good man Richard," in honor of Benjamin Franklin and his Poor Richard's Almanack;



John Paul Jones’s ship during the American revolution

Slave ships and the killing of argumentative crew members, before he fled to Virginia.

A man of is time obviously.


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