USN "Party Sub" Collision - $89m. iPODs Blamed....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RhodieBKK, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. American taxpayers are on the hook for an $89 million repair bill after a crash involving a submarine
    where the regulations apparently went overboard.

    According to the Navy Times,
    USS Hartford
    that's the latest estimate to fix the USS Hartford, a nuclear-powered submarine that smashed into an amphibious ship last March in the mouth of the Persian Gulf while the sailors at the controls were playing games and listening to music.

    The sub's commander, Cmdr. Ryan Brookhart, was relieved of duties after the Navy found that "an informal atmosphere, crew complacency, a 'weak' command and inferior submariner skills led to the 'avoidable' accident," the Navy Times reports. "Specifically, the navigator was listening to his iPod during a critical evolution, watchstanders were known to sleep on the job, and stereo speakers were rigged for music in the radio room."

    The New London (Conn.) Day newspaper reported in November
    that the Navy investigation "paints a picture of submarine crew members falling asleep on the job, spending too much time away from their stations and chatting informally while working":

    Those driving the ship would often slouch in their seats with one hand on the controls, and sometimes take their shoes off. Sonar operators and radiomen were missing from their stations for extended periods. Stereo speakers were added to the radio room to listen to music during work....

    Investigators said that in the hour prior to the collision, about 30 tactical errors occurred onboard the Hartford.

    Sonar operators, in charge of monitoring the ships near the submarine, were chatting informally for most of that hour. One of the sailors inserted a false sonar contact into the system so "he could use up all of his sonar trackers for amusement."

    The sonar supervisor left his station frequently and the navigator was taking an exam while listening to his iPod in the wardroom. The officer in command did not look out of the periscope.

    Repairs to the other ship cost $2.3 million.
  2. And you lot say things about the RN being lax!!!
  3. Bit of black nasty and that'll be fine :p
  4. The navigator who was listening to his "i-pod" was not actually on watch at the time.

    The crew members who were generally known to be "sleepers" were not proven to have been asleep at the time of the incident, and in any case, this is merely hearsay.

    For a sedentary watchkeeper to not wear shoes does not preclude their ability to perform their duties correctly.

    That being said, there does appear to have been a dreadful lack of awareness in the thirty minutes or so leading up to this, particularly as they were in an area of dense shipping, but to blame it on the use of an i-pod by someone who was not on watch diminishes the blame which should be apportioned to those who should carry the can, and smacks of media sensationalism.
  5. In the piccy, does anyone else think the bloke with bino's is all a little bit, "stable door/horse bolted"?
  6. Ouch, Entire sail is bent, port bow plane, hull needs repair. Safe to say Cmdr. Ryan Brookhart no longer has a career in the navy.
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Have they handed it over to civies or is that he crew in a mish mash of kit?
  8. Looks to me like the crew with a marine standing guard in case someone were to swim up and steal secrets I suppose.
  9. I would imagine that the chap with the gun is 'Force Protection', and thus appropriately attired. The chap in the white shirt may well be a pilot, or alternatively may be the Captain. Either of these would mean that it is likely that he would be dressed differently from the others. So, not a mish-mash, but the correct rig for the job in hand.
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks just wondered
  11. At least no iPods were harmed in the collision. :dance:
  12. Ha, most of the kit in the army looks like this as new anyway, cheapest bidder and all that! Bit of gun oil and it'll shine up nicely!
  13. That 'marine' looks on the swarthy side, comparable in fact to the chap in the white shirt who is probably the local pilot. What is that, an M14? I thought it was an AK at first. That helmet looks rather shiny too... could be a local guard to go with the pilot, in case there is an opportune USS Cole style action.
  14. Not a Marine, likely a MAA. Marines havent wonr Woodland BDU's in some time, navy still does(he's carrying an M-60E3 by the way, still a navy issue weapon) and after the USS Cole close in defences when in ports is de riguer.
  15. The Sail is not only bent - look at the BFO crack where it meets the hull.

    And is that a windsurf or yacht sail across the front of the sail?