USN - LCS, one for each theatre...

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by Yeoman_dai, May 23, 2012.

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    Seems like the plan, since the USN can't make up its mind over the two LCS designs, is that they'll use one hull in the middle east in the tighter waters (USS Freedom, the conventional one) and use the bigger USS Independence trimeran in the Pacific where range counts.

    Regardless, they still haven't worked out anything more than a 57mm gun and a couple of .50cal and you have to think, how much use can they really be with just those.... I guess two helo spots and 40kt top speed makes them useful of anti-piracy.
  2. Even the US grown ups now admit the Little Crappy Ship won't last five minutes in a shooting war. The poor sods who have to serve on them are starting to refer to them as suicide boats.
    Everyone agrees they are a fatally flawed concept forced on the Navy by a Sec Def with a 'vision' and convinced that speed was a great thing but seemingly oblivious to the fact you just send off your 160kt helicopter to chase fast things rather than design a 4,000 ton Haze Grey go fast.
    Problem is, so much political capital has been sunk into LCS tbere is no going back now.
  3. It needs missile systems. Decent ones - the US Army really screwed the USN over by cancelling NLOS. Granted, understandable why if the things just, weren't, working... But frustrating for the USN all the same
  4. Apparently the new cunning plan is to improve their cruising speed on diesels and use them as primarily ASW platforms. Some talk of the Yanks buying Sonar 2087 to go on them.
  5. But but they are the most awesome warships ever made and all the other navys are jealous because they are stuck with frigates:)
  6. I may be wrong, but doesn't that mean they've spent a lot of money to develop a really underarmed frigate?
  7. Indeed.
  8. The are barely leading the field when it comes to navel ships, sure there ships are fast and scary looking but we have the balls and the weaponry. Not only that we have a better sense of technology

    Plus brains in our heads
  9. WTF are you banging on about?
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  10. Its nice to see that its not only UK defence procurement that's FUBAR. The only thing these ships are good for is anti-piracy and drug smuggling interdiction, but the outrageous cost means that the US politicians need to think of a somewhat more glamorous role to avoid pissing off the taxpayers too much.
  11. Ummmm...
  12. is it not obvious johnny?
  13. I thought these two ships (especially the trimaran) were experimentals, now they are takinga spot in the line?

    I honestly expected Independance to end up like the stealth boat... sold off as a research vessel or to teh USCG or something.

    It has a number of advantages, ie the width of the rear for modules, RORO for expeditionary vehicles and a wider heli pad area...

    I sometimes wonder if this sort of thing is killed off because it is different, and people can't think of anyother way of doing things.

    That said, it could do with some rockets...

    The PLAN have used a Catamaran design for their stealth missile boats... Houbei class missile boat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  14. Psst, want to see a real Aircraft Carrier?


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  15. This Ship is older than your country ;)


    And still a commissioned flagship.