USN Captures Pirate Vessel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Jan 22, 2006.

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  1. Not sure if that would help tomy, you would be detaining a lot of tourist booze cruises. :wink:

    Outstanding work by the USS Winston S Churchill !
  2. and the Navigating Officer who is RN!!

    Good drills that ship.............
  3. To be honest american "chow" is a slight step above my experience of food in the mess (spent over 3 weeks in septic land). However unless you're obsessed with doing a pointless number of pull-ups a day it turns you into a fat chuffer. By doing said pull-ups you lose the ability to run. I say stick with being fed the same thing reheated but renamed for 4 days in a row (bolognase, beef in tomato, lasagne, mince beef with green mould sprinkling garnished with chewy pasta based substance and something that may once have been cheese). It's all about stiff upper lip and morale fibre ie. not being a fcuking septic.
    Oh and well done USN and accompanying RN personel for capture of said pirates
  4. My unit had a tour of the Churchill last year while we were in America, great ship. The petty officers mess is made to look like an English pub, complete with pumps and everything. Not connected sadly :(

    (I put a black box on my face because Ive got a ****ing stupid look on it)


    Very nice she is too, sadly she wouldn't tell us who's "better" the British or the American Navy (we all know anyway :twisted: )
  5. Johnny Depp must be fcuking fuming!!! :)
  6. I trust in the old Naval Tradition they strung the Pirates up.
  7. [quote="ViroBono; the food was ok, but nothing special. In most cases British Officers' messes have provided better accommodation, often better food - and certainly better company.

    Seconded. I spent 6 months with the spams. First few days I thought the food was great - then I realised that it was all the same, bland and sweet. Tons of it - but all the same. Even the chilli was sweet. I used to skip off to visit the Danes, just to get some real food. ( great seafood !)

    Well done the spams for the piracy job tho. We need to say that now and again, they think we are all agin them after that recent article !
  8. Andy I have only a passing knowlage on warships. Was the UK not investigating short wide ships as opposed to the long slim ships?
  9. You say that DDG51s are getting old... does this mean that USS Winston Churchill is going to get retired soon..... if so, is it likely that the USN will name a new destroyer similarly?.... (Worst case, are we going to see a USS Tony Blair? lol)

  10. SOZ, no. just that it's not the latest design anymore. Churchill should be around until about 2035.

    Interestingly, the USN has had TWO ships named after Frenchmen - Lafayette and Comte de Grasse.

    Jonwilly: That was some years ago, late Cold War, basically an idea for cheap, stable towed-array platforms in the North Atlantic. The UK did build the research trimaran MV Triton a few years back, this was partly funded by the US but, as you can see, it's mainly the USN that is making use of the technology with the GD LCS (albeit the hull is designed by Austal, an Australian firm formerly best known for passenger catamarans).
  11. Thank you Andy.
    I take a broad intrest in most mechanical matters and will read articals as and when but my main intrest is aviation related subjects and M/cycles.
    Politics and finance intrest me as a study of villans is never boring.
  12. Amusingly, the USN were going to christen this ship the USS Winston Churchill, until a senior RN officer informed them that British matelots for certain, and quite possibly their own sailors as well, would immediately rename her the USS Crapper/Sh1thouse/Bog etc as the obvious abbreviation would be USS WC. Needless to say, they christened her the USS Winston S. Churchill instead!
  13. The USN will eventually get 63 Burkes, Japan has 3 and is getting more. Australia also plans to order 3. Several European navies have 'Burke-a-lites'.

    T45 has a very good AAW system but otherwise (because of cost-cutting measures) is streets behind Burke in overall war-fighting capability - although these capabilities may be improved over the T45 service life. The RN is looking at 6-8 T45's.