USMC's "New" Heavy Lift Helicopter

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by jumpinjarhead, May 30, 2012.

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  1. Looks pretty but how many would we need to airlift our entire Marine Corps???
  2. 7

    8 if you include all their drums and musical instruments.
  3. 2 Should be enough for us, don't forget they can undersling boots in cargo nets, all issued with goggles and wind proof smocks...sorted.
  4. You Marines do love your Stallions.

    How have you managed to jettison the Osprey?
  5. I've been following the K program, either picking up brochures from the manufacturers stand at Heli Expo conventions stateside or at Farnborough or at Helitech or talking to the reps. Its an interesting piece of kit. The avionics fit and commonality architecture of the cockpit be similar if not the same to the cockpit of the latest Bell AH-1Z Cobra Venon, UH-1Y Viper and of course the MV-22 Osprey (speaking of which will see it for secomd time running this RIAT and Farnborough).

    One time, about a decade ago and if anyone remembers this - SABR - Support Amphibious Battlefield Rotorcraft program to replace Puma and Sea King Junglie, a list was drawn up from the MV-22 Osprey to the S-92 Helibus, NH-90, CH-47 and of course the CH-53. Like it or not the US kit is good, its good enough for the Corps nice firepower in the shape of AH-1Z (we damn near got that during the attack helicopter selection as it came neck and neck with the Longbow), good but limited firepower for the UH-1Y (and good command post), long range medium to heavy lift with the 53 Echo. I'm sure the CHF at Yeovilton wouldn't say no to generous proportion of lift :)

    Though admittedly with the Tailored Air Group concept and JHC - one has firepower in the form of the WAH-64D and ship to shore projection with the Chinook Mk 2/2A, Mk 3
  6. I like the MV-22 Osprey.

    I think (although much maligned now) it will develop in to a good, long staying aircraft. Give it 20 years and it will be where the Chin is now.
  7. Is that fitted for or with rollmats????
  8. Are you saying WE might get some? Jesus Christ on a bike!
  9. From a passengers POV I'd take a CH-47 any day of the week. CH-53 seats are far to small and it just leaks everywhere.
  10. Lots of smaller copters instead of high capacity targets would be nice. spread your assets.
  11. Agreed hydraulic fluid allez über!

    Munch Me
  12. Plus the -53 is ******* huge. I mean properly huge, weighs a ton and eats deck space.
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  14. Don't hold back--how do you really feel?