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USMC = Uncle Sam's Massive Cricket team - 3/7 Marines


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From last month but for interest - dashed well played those chaps, what ?


Sometimes an explosion breaks the silence of an afternoon in Sangin, but today that sound was cheers as British and US Marines joined together and played a charity game of cricket.

“The game was a charity event for the Somerset County Cricket Club,” said Sgt. Mike Davis, with the Military Stabilization Support Team, Royal Air Force Regiment. “ They sent over the equipment that we used today.”

The match was about more than just charity though, Davis said, adding that each team was required to include U.S. Marines playing a sport that is partly alien to them.

“The Americans who played were pretty good,” said Davis, a 38-year-old native of Wiltshire, England. “It was funny to see them play at first, but they did very well.”

The Americans enjoyed playing. “This game means a lot to me,” said Staff Sgt Michael Bailey, a career planner with 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment. “My grandfather and father both loved cricket.” Bailey also said it was nice to spend a few hours letting loose and having fun.

But the match was about more than just fun, it was about building relationships.

“We patrol with the British and we work hard with them,” said Sgt Josh Michlitsch, a Squad Leader with the Police Mentoring Team, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment. “It is good for us to be able to have fun with them too.”

“I have the utmost respect for the British Marines and am honoured to work with them and be able to play with them,” said Michlitsch, a 38-year-old native of Brookings, Oregon.

Bailey, who played cricket in high school in the Caribbean, described the game as a gentleman’s game similar to baseball.

The equipment used was signed by each player and will be auctioned off by the Somerset County Cricket Club. The two teams were the officers of both forces versus the staff Non-Commissioned Officers of both forces. The officers won 83-51.

Davis said there are plans for a game between the non-commissioned officers and the junior ranks in the next few weeks.
(I say Umpire.....metal stumps? Hardly cricket old top?)

Any plans for a 20/20 match - USMC Quantico Vs Camp Lejeune ? Tickets please. :)


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Good Stuff. If only the Ground was soft then they could play a game of American Football and then a Game of Rugby. Great to see our guys working together.
Good Stuff. If only the Ground was soft then they could play a game of American Football and then a Game of Rugby. Great to see our guys working together.
Speaking of soccer (football) and rugby, I was in some of the first intramural matches played by USMC (to my knowledge) at Camp Lejeune in 1972. Played keeper in the football and blindside flanker (No.6) in the rugby. Our resident RM, then Capt. Duncan Christie-Miller got it all organiz(s)ed and had a lot of laughs watching us. ;-)

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