USMC to replace SAW with LSW

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by cheesypoptart, Sep 16, 2008.

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  1. Just thought this story's rather ironic concerning what's recently happened in the British Army:
    I'm glad they're only getting rid of 1/5 of their SAWs, because I foresee a fairly quick failure on the operational Marine side followed by drawn-out stalling by higher-ups to prevent bringing the SAW back.

  2. May be we can off load our LSWs on them.
  3. Perhaps a 1 for 1 swap?? I've fired the SAW....loved it. Albeit a bit on the weighty side.
  4. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Perhaps this may be the answer to their problems. Well trialled, easy to use and should be familiar.

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  5. Firstly erm Schoen gutten morgen..
    Hey werent they already using the MK48saw to combat the weight issue?
    Besides since when as weight been an issue? big girls blouses, ive seen my regt go from the Bren being used along side the Gimpy (m240) and the introduction of the 249 late in my service, and to be honest despite the weight if i was stuck and needed firepower even if mobile I would always chose the Gimpy but thats just me.
    You know what the yanks are like though they dont like an invention unless they can claim it was at least part their idea. I guess not being a boneheaded marine makes me unquallified to comment on individual deployments / roles, but it will be interesting to see what comes out of it all.
    The U.S using our LSW? nah they love our gear dearly but they would rather peel their testicles with a cheese grater than do that, plus Germany would prolly be their next point of call for any imported gear, like they did for the mp7 smg class or HK 416 rifle class.
    Not sure if HK has something in their range derived from the 416 and its robust quallities to serve as a squad automatic weapon, I guess its a case of watch this space . :?
  6. have you been playing Bad Company on the Xbox a little too much?? ;)
  7. I know, I was just being an those weapons are available on Bad Company. Not sure that the XM8 would be of much use in that role though?
  8. Does this mean that the M 60 has gone?
  9. I thought they started using the SAW due to the weight of the M60. Now theyre looking for something else due to the weight of the SAW. I bet theres alot of US Army guys taking the piss out of them right now.
  10. What happend to the Ultimax they were supposed to be getting?
  11. HAHAHA you mean the acrobatic cocking wonder that required to be in the fire position due the first round being discharged upon cocking handle release? used by armies who liked a challenge but couldnt afford the PKM

    To be fair they did make nice looking weapons great as long as you didnt want to fire it :twisted:

    Check the WALT below :lol:

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  12. Sounds perfect for Yank drills.
  13. Smudge, the Brits already use the SAW (we call it hte LMG). But ours is relitively light as it is the Para model (IIRC) either way it has a shorter barrel and collapsable stock in comparison to the SAW.

    HK 416 has the capability of a heavy barrel being fitted so could be an option.

    The yanks never seem to take to our kit with out a fight (look how long they envied our WMIKS for, but made do with their beach buggies). And they have the General now, so the M60 is relegated to history (it was pap anyway due to lack of changeable barrel until the M60E range (?).

    Personally, off tangent, I´d like to see the British Army adopt the MP7 for ALL ranks bar infantry types (including corps like Engr Recce if needed), who should get HK416, sharpshooters get the 7.62mm version. LMGs for massive fire power and GPMPGs for that bit extra, Bugle platoons and vehicles.

    Pistols would be the new HK pistol that uses th e same 4.6mm round as the MP7. HK Grenade launchers are a must and the GMG.

    Mainly because I´d love the Drill Pigs to come up with drill for the MP7 :D
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    M60 E4 is I believe still available to USMC but the barrel has always been changeable albeit only in the early versions with an asbestos glove and the bipod legs were permanently attached to the barrel.

    The bipod was moved to the receiver/body on the E version