USMC suffer crisis in manning enlist Katie Perry

USMC plumb new depths to attract potential marines by enlisting Katie Perry to boost numbers.

Katie, in her new video, shows just how tough and ALLY the USMC really are...

Katy Perry - Part Of Me - YouTube

Well, at least her make up doesn,t run, but then, watching her womble up to the bayonet practice neither does she.
I'd love to do bayonet drill on Katy Pe...

wait, I think I've made this remark before.


She sounds like a cat in a microwave and probably has hepatitis from Russell Brand but I still would.
When I watch that a number of things spring to mind.

1. Wimmin in the forces are never THAT fit.
2. Stop singing on parade split arse.
3. Wimmin in the forces are NEVER THAT FIT.
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