USMC Sniper Team in Close Fight in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Aug 28, 2009.

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    It seems some readers apparently believe by posting this I am merely a shill for the Marines. While I am proud of my service and make no apologies for that, in point of fact, I did not really notice the service as much as the actions of these youngsters and thought at least some readers would appreciate what they are doing on our mutual behalf. If the critic had bothered to check, it would have been apparent that the article was not written by me or any other Marine but was merely posted on the internet and I happened to find it looking for timely articles that would be of interest.

    As is also apparent to anyone who will check, I try to be even handed with my posts and do not engage in immature criticisms of other services (or posters for that matter) and any digs are always in jest. I also do not apologize for trying to find information to post on this forum that might go a bit beyond the UK-centric postings that are so well covered by others.
  2. Look up "overstated"

    No disrespect to the guys mentioned, they did it and got the Tshirt, but you sound like someone pushing movie rights.

    No wonder we take the mickey out of the sceptics, and the Marines in particular, if you are so all so insecure that you have to make a mini series out of every engagement.
  3. Thanks for your opinion. I think it is spelled septic actually. You can generalize if makes you feel better.

    Cheers Mate.
  4. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    A good, terse account of ground-zero combat.

    Can't see what Auntie Stella's problem is: There is a whole genre of dramatic accounts of combat by British soldiers - MacNab's "Bravo Two Zero", Macy's "Apache" and Mills' "Sniper One" - that go on to become blockbuster bestsellers in the UK. (Moreover, I would not be surprised to see films of the latter two.)

    The only difference here is that this is a second-person, rather than first-person account.

    We could do with a bit more of this kind of up-close reporting from Afghan in the UK press, rather than the endless pieces on "Another Soldier Killed..." which monopolizes so much of the Armed Forces' media space at present.
  5. To fully understand the campaign the UK is waging in Helmand, the experiences of the USMC fighting (and dying) alongside us, are invaluable.

    I have complete respect for the Marines I have worked with (which is probably not mutual :D ). Although why they eat cat food for breakfast, I will never know.
  6. Without making this a sickening love fest, I can assure you that among US Marines at least (excluding of course the usual 5% who criticize everything--much like many ARRSE members it seems :D ), UK troops enjoy a very good reputation. You may be aware that there are several rather long-standing ties between the USMC and UK forces including in Korea where USMC and RM troops spearheaded a now epic breakout of UN allied forces from the Chosin Reservoir and for which Lt. Col Drysdale and his 41st Indep Commando RM was decorated by the US govt
  7. Keep posting, it is interesting reading.
  8. Annual greetings and salutations have been traditionally been rendered on the occasion of the Marine Corps Birthday
    and on St. David's Day, birthday of the patron saint of Wales. Of interest also is the origin of the American Naval mascot, a goat, which was originally given by the Royal Welch to the United States Marine Corps, who at that time came under the command of the United States Navy

    Doesn't this violate the Mann Act or some similar legislation?

    Although if the goat came from the Royal Welch it probably explains how syphilis was spread to the New World. I never personally believed the claptrap about Conquistadors and Llamas.
  9. Good article, kep 'em coming.

    To the naysayers out there; delete "USMC", insert "Rifles", "Paras" etc, and ask yourselves if you'd still slag it off.

    Silly billies. Bet you're all Pogies. :)
  10. I suspect the statute of limitations has expired.
  11. jarhead - no complaints from me. Good lads having a hard day!

    aunty stella does not speak for many, USMC are good eggs and nothing wrong with a bit of overblown reporting now and again!
  12. Yep good stuff IMHO, btw ally pics especially the first one....again IMHO.
  13. wot the praisers said
  14. Great Story. It is good to see the other side of the coin now and again.

    I have a lot of respect for Marines, 3 Marines from Biloxi saved my brother and I from a severe kicking on Bourbon St one night by evening up the numbers a little bit. :)

    Course we drank em under the table afterward's with 4 for 1 specials 8)
  15. LOL--I will not argue the point about Brits being able to play "sandy bottoms" with the best. It makes for much hilarity for the duty officer collecting up the
    flotsam and jetsam in the wee morning hours with the red caps (ah memories!).