USMC Sniper Kill over 1 mile

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jumpinjarhead, Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. Are there any web sites that offer Red Hot 100% Amateur Sniper Video?
  2. Yeah, but was it a headshot?
  3. I, of course, would not know but I am confident that with those particular adjectives our fellow posters led by Meridian, Stonker, Monty and Ruckerwocman among others will know more about those sites.
  4. You do set a high bar! ;-)
  5. Nice work...but wft is 'tactical breathing'? :biggrin:
  6. If you attend sniper training or go into the special forces you will learn more of this. One proponent is retired US Army LtCol Dave Grossman, now a well-know author and "expert" on the psychological and physiological aspects of combat. His books " On Killing" and "On Combat" are widely read in higher level professional military schools and his views have been woven into the training syllabi at least in US SF training (I taught a block of instruction in recent years at the Marine Special Operations Operators Course using some of his principles).

    My bold
  7. Cheers for that JJH, I know about breathing techniques used in weapon handling I've just never heard of 'tactical breathing', hence my smiley.
  8. Sorry JJH,

    Anything couched in these terms;
    I find it a little strange.
    Reducing things to basic black and white is reminiscent of a political officer of the late unlamented Soviet Union.
    Probably just perception on my part but do the US Forces ever talk in plain English?(1)

    (1) For US values of English, natch. :)
  9. Of course it all depends on how one defines "plain" ;-) I understand your reaction but I also again state Americans and Brits are much alike but also much different in the way we say and do things. Variety, after all, is the spice of life. (except that penchant for British men to wear pink...)
  10. I saw your smiley and mean no slight in my reply.
  11. None taken. :)
  12. :winkrazz:Hunting Pink is the very thing a Gentleman wears while setting the hounds on, well almost anyone actually.(1)

    (1) But one needs to be a Gentleman to understand. Have a word with the cook on your way out, she'll give you a cup of tea, I understand there's been a shortage over there for some time...:winkrazz:
  13. JJH I have a question about SEALS, and their training...

    do they teach them to balance that ball on their noses first and clap with their flippers second or the other way round ? :)

  14. expect such dexterity would only serve to frustrate them and cause them to go into their legendary pouting.