USMC silent drill

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by darbs, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. This is impressive, not only for what they do but by the reception they get from the crowd. somthing i dont think we are ever likely to see here for a long time, kinda sad really but i guess its whats become of this country.
  2. I think its gay. Can you imagine changing of the guard with poncy movements like this....pointless
  3. In my day we had boots with nowt taken out.

    Studs is what you need for that grand drill feeling. :eek:
  4. the finns did it better at the endinbourgh tatoo.
  5. Well they're very good but it is all a bit silly, what are we to expect next? The USMC pom-pom team?
    Anyhow, it couldnt happen in the UK because there was only 1 black man, and Sir Ian Blair would have prevented all those Marines applying to join the team for being white!
  6. looks good in a septic kind of way. Great response from the crowd. loads of effort and practice. However this is not to good military order too effing gay if you ask me.

    Trooping the colour now that's military and DRILL.
  7. Didn't the Queens Colour Sqn RAF Regt. have some sort of continuity drill team years back? Not sure they went in for all the rifle spinning but I heard they held some world record for pointless drill...

    Still if the public lap it up can't do their recruitment much harm.
  8. Who cares if it looks gay/silly/poncy you would still struggle to get a reception like that from that crowd in the UK.
  9. The septics would clap and cheer if 1 bloke turned up and said hi.
  10. Very impressive to watch. Great reception.

    Although I must admit I was hoping it be some gucci drill for opening stuff silently ;) Midnight DIY would become the future :)
  11. The Rock's only carried out Drill movements from the Drill Manual, not the spam style stuff :lol:
  12. They still do and they did indeed hold the world record for continuity drill. Their displays are well worth seeing and make up for a woeful lack of drill amongst the RAF at large. QCS' displays only involve movements taken from the drill manual.

    As for the Spams, that display would be impressive from a high school cheer squad; but the only military thing about it is the rifle avec bayonet. I was astonished to note that a couple of those chaps only had two medals!
  13. Exceedingly gay, more like majorettes for grown 'men'

  14. So are silly uniformed guards with dildos on their heads and the horsie soldiers at Buckingham Palace .

    It's all pointless but it makes the civvies happy.