USMC Silent Drill Team

Discussion in 'US' started by Phil306, Jun 19, 2010.

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  1. Can't do better than this lot!

  2. 6 out of ten for trying would love to see them in ammo boots and a bit more bend and drive.
  3. Oooer Missus! :eek:
  4. iirc the rock QCS did a routine like that some time back.

    crawls under desk and awaits a good kicking!. :D

    the silent bit not the camp bit!
  5. For a "Silent" drill team all I can hear is a stadium full of fat sweaty cousin fucking KFC chomping bellends whooping.
  6. As a demonstration of skill, coordination, training and discipline I won't fault it.


    It is worth noting that unlike British drill, I don't think those moves are strictly born of military necessity. British drill moves are almost all related to moves required to be done as a group on the field of battle. 200 years ago I grant you but no fancy twirling of rifles that are no longer in service and stripped to make them easier to hold with one hand.

    Sits back and awaits flaming...
  7. They seem to be holding some kind of childs rattle, what's that all about then?
  8. 1 platoon twirling their rifles in soft shoes and in a nice comfy uniform in a basketball court. not exactly the trooping of the colour now is it. stick them on horse guards for 2 hours in a bearskin in the summer heat and we'll see
  9. Well, I only wish I had a tenth of the co-ordination that the Marines displayed in that drill routine. Those rifles aren't toys, they are big heavy horrid lumps of steel, wood and smashed badgers.

  10. Wonder at our 'B' Team;

    Walking Crabs

    We would show you the 'A' team but then...
  11. Good drill, was on the Birmingham tattoo some 46 years ago, and there was a yank platoon who wore (what looked like stainless steel helmets) and dressed all in white, not sure what part of the usa force they were from, but they did almost the same as them chaps.

    Anyway this as got to be better.

    Boom Shakalaka :)
  12. Most of the worlds forces base drill on military skills, and refine for ceremony & showing the discipline that it takes.

    In the US a lot of the display element still has its origins dating back to when they let 'negroes' in but felt they either were not good enough to fight or inapropriate to fight against whites! Therefore they were often left to look pretty and entertain as that's 'what they were good at' until they could eventually be allowed to be proper soldiers.
  13. That clip from Stripes is well funny. Not bad drill moves either, especially from a bunch of comedy actors who had barely seen either end of a rifle in their luvvy lives.

    The Queen's Colour Squadron routine is fine as well, but spoilt by the very fact the poor sods have to do drill with that Plastic Rifle thingy. :cry: Sort of ruins the whole thing.

  14. Correct. I saw them drilling on grass many years ago, no mean feat.