USMC out in dress uniform on the lash

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Random_Task, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. Was in Vegas last week, saw more than a gaggle of USMC types out in bars and clubs in their dress uniforms complete with medals,completely pie eyed,and dancing with mingers. (USMC birthday I believe?)

    The mingers part didn't distburb me, but the uniform bit did.

    Think of the dry cleaning bill! And some of them had gongs on.


    (if possible, this is not to be an American bashing thread!)
  2. The septics wear their uniforms in public all the time, they have no concept of PerSec.
    you should have seen Pompey over the International Festival of the Sea, the Brit hey-ho sailor boys stood out a mile as they were the only ones out on the lash who werent in uniform.
  3. Yes I did wonder if they'd grasped that concept.

    They had officers out with them too, who were, surprise surprise, a lot worse for wear than their men.
  4. The Military is held in high regard in USA , with many places offering free or reduced entry to attractions, some places specify serving military to wear the Uniform when visiting military related sites amongst others, for them it is way of flying the flag, USA don't have an History of internal Terrorist problems like we do.

    i used my ID card to gain free entry to some places. im sure your MOD 90 will do it too .
  5. didnt, but maybe should start being a bit more aware now!!
    I went on my hols to Hawaii and used my MOD 90 to get into bars to avoid paying the entrance fee.
  6. For mainland UK the persec argument is utter utter b*llocks, if the bad guys want to slot a soldier then the lack of C95 is not going to stop them.

    The real difference is that the merkins (and almost everyone else) are really proud of their membership of their armed forces and are proud to wear their uniform, whilst your average Brit is embarrased to admit working for the MOD. I can think of valid reasons why that might have been the case in the past as there was a perception that if your're not very bright you can always get a job as a rating or a squaddie. These days you only have to look at the entrance requirements to realise that it is a lot more serious.

    For example if soldiers have spent six months in the sandpit why should they have to "sneak" home in civtogs? Why can't they fly into their nearest airport in uniform before marching back to their HQ and falling out with due public pomp and ceremony? Don't complain about the lack of positive news coverage if you don't want to make a stand yourself.

    <rant over>
  7. and heres me thinking that ITD 6 told you not to draw attention to yourself as a member of the armed forces!!!
  8. That's just Bo11ocks. I'm proud to be in the army (if only a stab :D ). I'm just not willing to put myself, family and fellow servicemen at risk by bimbling about in rig.
  9. Oh yes they do. Apart from the UNA bomber they have a steady stream of miscreants using pipe bombs to extort funds or just get even. It may not be obviously focused against the militarybut they have plenty of native Muslims with access to explosives and fireaarms.

    Have a look at Terrorism in the United States
  10. yeah its called the postal service
  11. It would not be difficult to attack a married quarter patch now would it so why should uniform not be worn in public.

    I would have to agree with Goodideaatthetime. Being in the public eye and recognition may help retention and recruiting. Getting pissed in uniform though is probably as bad as having a naked roll mat fight footage sent to the press though.

    The oonly people I see wearing uniform in public on a regualar basis are the HCMR fellas at horse guards. I do feel sorry for them having to have their photos taken with thousands of tourists. Must need the patience of a saint. Whatever takes your fancy but not my idea of being in the Army!
  12. I was under the impression that QRs had changed so that uniform could be worn in public but not to places of "public entertainment", e.g. bars/pubs/clubs etc?
  13. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    There are contradictory instructions kicking about at the moment. one lot informs you to skulk and hide and the other requests the wearing of uniform to increase the presence on the streets.
  14. Wear uniform, crawl home and you will never be seen!
  15. ... wears issue kit all the time. Some of it's quite a nice colour and very 'in season'. Total C-95's going a bit strong as it does nothing for my figure and makes my bum look big. If the trousers were a boot cut leg and were hipsters, then perhaps...