USMC organisation as a model for a future British Army/RN?

Discussion in 'US' started by trackbasher, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. I posed this question in another forum but thought it might be more relevant here.

    What with all the budget constraints etc. would it not be an idea to look at the USMC and its organisation and equipment and missions, and organise the British Army/armed forces on similar lines? - they are of a similar size.

    It would mean more increased co-operation with the RN - but wouldn't that be a good thing?

    Good for both the Army AND the Navy, given the operations carried out over the last couple of decades.
  2. We would need a ship or two for that to work so a non starter
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  3. Not in the slightest. RAF/Army, maybe, but the US Marines do NOT operate ships, it's such a different job to the ground work/flying work that it would be too hard - the example when they tried it, the Canadian Armed Forces didn't work as a horrible purple mishmash.

    The Navy should always stay seperate, but I can see positives of RAF/Army merger
  4. The USMC has a strength somewhere in the region of 180,000 men; nearly twice the size of our entire army. It has more dedicated helos etc than all three of our services put together. Their role is similar to the Royal Marines; expeditionary warfare predominantly by sea; they are not line infantry by design.
  5. I never really understood how the USMC differed from the US Army. In my mind marines are first & foremost amphibious infantry like the RM, yet the USMC has it's own pilots, chefs, tanks, gunners etc & women too! It's just like another army altogether.

  6. Just my opinion, from what I saw except for the amphibious slant they are a pretty conventional bunch with very good infantry companies.

    The best description of them--and never tell them this--is that they are like a very good U.S. Army infantry division akin to the 82nd ABN or 10th MTN more anything else. And again--for God sakes--never, ever, tell them this.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    It would also pose the tricky conundrum of what to do with the RAF Regt, naval bases don't need that many gate guards :D
  8. I didn't mean amalgamate the Army and Navy just that the British should play to their strengths - and I reckon expeditionary type organisation fits with wars in the 21st Century.
    Organising along the lines of USMC would be mutually beneficial - the navy gets the ships /amphibs/ carriers. the Army organises into light brigades similar to USMC (and the new 'temp.' 11 bde.) ...with control of all its helicopters and own air support...
    The RAF could keep its transports and tankers (and the RAF Reg could still guard the forward airstrips..)
    We can't afford to have capabilities across the board.
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  9. The USMC is a sort of seperate Army/Airforce combined but as previous poster said "they are expeditionary in nature" which means they go in establish the beachhead etc and then let the Army come in a releive them.

    They dont think of themselves as being used for prolonged ops and they dont like counter-insurgency much as they see themselves as a hard hitting fast moving strike force. Albeit a very very big one!

    I'm currently contracted to them to teach "anti-terrorism" read counter insurgency and a lot of them dont quite get it. They want to get in, kill someone/something and then get out. They certainly dont see themselves as "policemen" very much like the arguement Para Regt would use against them being in NI. (I was in 2 Para)
  10. The other real problem area is the time it would take to train the rest of the army to bring them up to RAF Regiment standards..I suspect we don't have that amount of training budget so best leave things as they are..
  11. I suggested this a while back... but apparently there are those who reckon the RAF should never be disbanded!!!

    USMC isn't the Commandos... it is a 4th service, highly trained and (bar ships) pretty much has all it needs to fight. It (similar to the RM) provides "naval parties" for teh USN Boats too.

    Merge the RAF in with the RN and Army. Move 3 Cdo to Army Orbat (but leave the remainder as Navy).

    Form 3 Light (Cdo, Air Asslt + 1) Brigades, backed up by a Reserve Bde (for IAs up to Full Plts and SPecialists) and put them in 1 Div.

    Form up 6 "Operational" Bdes and form them in to three Divisions (each with a Reserve Bde as above).

    All with their own Air to dirt CAS and SHs.

    Strategic tasks go to the Navy... Hy Bombers, Maritime, Transport, refueling etc.
  12. Wise words indeed..and all headed up by an RAF Regiment SAC..perfect..
  13. Don't the RAF Regt have LCPls now?
  14. I think they were implementing that rank, so you may well be correct... :D
  15. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Is that the guy that checks the ID rather than lifts the barrier :?
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