USMC Operational Test of New Automatic Rifle

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Nov 25, 2010.

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  1. Definitely seems to be going back to USMC roots. I do find it so lamentable that our Army doesn't 'do' marksmanship like they used to.
  2. Bah, Give me a SAW, Magazine feed cannot SUPPRESS
  3. Exactly as we found with the LSW which was replaced in favour of the minimi, anyone else see this as simpl a step back for the USMC?
  4. Looks like it to me.
  5. What,with an SA80 FFS?

    When the Army 'did' marksmanship,we had a weapon that could stop someone at more than 200 yards,and before all the so-called pundits come on slagging of the SLR,a shitty little 'truckie' like me qualified as marksman every year I was required to shoot,and I say this only because some of the units I served with did'nt/could'nt provide me with a personal weapon.
  6. With you on that one.

    I was weaned on an SLR, 7.62mm is a 'kin marvellous calibre for knockdown. Yes I was around when the SA80 came into service but I was otherwise armed.

    Interestingly all the sensible Yanks want to get their hands on 7.62mm rifles. They have trawled the military storage warehouses and dug out the old M14's from pre-Vietnam, Springfield Armoury is producing variants of the M1A like it is going out of fashion and there are more and more conversion kits appearing to turn 5.56mm M4's into 7.62mm firers......... to effectively building L129A1 types.

    Springfield Armory

    5.56mm is nice to use for ammo carrying capability but it does suffer a tad on the knockdown ability. Funny, you never hear about 5.56mm sniper rifles compared to other calibres.
  7. What can this weapon do that the SAW can't? Is it not merely an open-bolt M16? A modern version of the BAR that fires a less powerful round?

    How about one of these instead?

  8. So there is no truth in the rumour that the USMC are pulling a fast one with this rifle to replace their M4s?
  9. All the more reason to get back into it, turn-of-the-last-century style.
  10. That's my gun! I LOVED my LMG.
  11. Quite an elegant-looking weapon, in a brutal, ruthlessly efficient sort of way :twisted:
  12. The LMG cannot suppress at medium to longer ranges as it has a short barrel.
    Suppression is different from wasting ammo on automatic, the fire needs to be striking the target at the range required or very near to it.
  13. I would question Effendi's comment about sniper rifles in 5.56 cal. Admittedly it is not for the military, but various police deptartments in USA use or did use Remington 700s in .223 Rem (= 5.56). Then there was the East German sniper rifle in 5.45, just what that was intended for is not certain.

    As for the LMG, nice gun but I was not keen on lugging it around.
  14. I was always happy lugging one around - thought in made me look Ally (or whatever the 70's/80's equivalent was) + I could be prone while everyone else was running around doing section attacks, etc. However, I hated the weight of the magazines.