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USMC Lock Up "Security Contractors"


U.S. Marines forcibly detained a team of security guards working for an American engineering firm in Iraq after reportedly witnessing the contractors fire at U.S. troops and Iraqi civilians from an armed convoy, the military said Tuesday.

After three days of detention in jail cells at a U.S. military base in Iraq, 19 employees of North Carolina-based Zapata Engineering, including 16 Americans, were released last week.....Mark Schopper, a lawyer for two of the contractors, said that his clients, both former Marines, were subjected to "physical and psychological abuse."

He said his clients told him that Marines had "slammed around" several contractors, stripped them to their underwear and placed a loaded weapon near their heads.

"How does it feel to be a big, rich contractor now?" the Marines shouted at the men, Schopper said, in an apparent reference to the large salaries security contractors can make in Iraq.
Yet more war crimes committed by the US Military :wink:

Several of the detained Zapata employees said that they were stripped and threatened by a snarling military dog while Marines jeered and took photos.

"I never in my career have treated anybody so inhumane," one of the contractors, Rick Blanchard, a former Florida state trooper, wrote in an e-mail message. "They treated us like insurgents, roughed us up, took photos, hazed us, called us names."
As we know after insignificant incidents in Abu-Graib American military command do its best to provide Iraqi detainees with the most human treatment. Unfortunately, American troops were told only about Iraqis. As to others (including American contractors) then I suppose there were not instructions.
If these people actually were thick enough to shoot at the marines then all I can say is Semper Fi and good luck to the USMC people concerned.

Dumb cunts for been there in the first place. Take the risk, pay the price.
called us names


Vegetius said:
If these people actually were thick enough to shoot at the marines then all I can say is Semper Fi and good luck to the USMC people concerned.

Chances are a portion of the contractors would be former USMC themselves, who shot at who first is probably debateable, no doubt the whole thing was a big misunderstanding.
The spams could do with a few less of those kinds of 'misunderstandings' - cost enough fecking lives. They're either too highly strung, or not highly enough trained - the US needs to reconsider its training policy ref. friendly forces identification for its squaddies. Then move on to teachin its National Guard A-10 pilots what the Warrior looks like from the sky... When will these people learn?

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