USMC kit review post-TELIC

The US Marine Corps have pushed out their field report from Op TELIC, and it makes for interesting reading.

One point is that they've obviously had their M249 (the FN Minimi) for a while, because they're claiming that theirs are falling to pieces. Another is that they think the M16 is too long and unwieldy, but love the x4 ACOG optic sight on the M16A4.........

On page 6 there are notes on 5.56 lethality, 40mm UGL range issues, and the GPMG (their M240).

The DROPS system comes in for some praise from them. Nice to know they envy us in kit issue for once :)

Anyway, the spotters out there can read and enjoy. It's pretty open and honest stuff!


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Excellent report and very interesting.

Good news about 5.56mm and their equivalent of the PRR.

Well worth a read for those who haven't.
The DROPS system comes in for some praise from them

DROPS is actually a good piece of kit that works well and is reliable. Most of the guys who drive it find it easy to manouvre, and visibility is good. It also does its job exceedingly well, especially the MMLC variant.

Wouldn't it be interesting though, to see a similar report about how our kit actually worked in the field to see if the Govt's claim that all of our kit is fit for purpose is actually true.


Cracking report, any chance of the British Army releasing a similar document?

Hopefully they will, but headline news is:

SA80 A2, massive thumbs up from the troops, no failures under contact (and I know of plenty who had significant fire-fights).  The gun-club apparebtly are now using them since the intro of the UGL / HMNVG etc.

RLEM - (gadget for knocking down doors)  awesome.

84mm enhanced blast munition.  WOW.

PRR - exellent, especially with the rebro facility.

CR2 - the Daddy.

AC-130 SPECTRE - nice if you can get one.

MAW -handy to have on your side.

Log Support - SHIT

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