USMC Gen. Pace, 2nd platoon reunited in Iraq

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    USMC Gen. Pace, 2nd platoon reunited in Iraq

    KARMAH, Iraq (Sept. 5, 2007) -- Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Peter Pace, made a unique visit to Marines stationed here, Sept. 4. As far as meetings with four-star generals usually go, this event was much less formal. It seemed more like a gathering of relatives, a way for Gen. Pace to connect the hardened war fighters of today to the heroes of his past. It was evident he saw himself, and his old unit, in the Marines who stood in front of him.

    Link to Article.:
  2. Who the fcuk cares? What sort of discussion are you hoping to start with this sort of drivel?

    "4 Star Attends Dog & Pony Show" Woopee-fcuking-doo.
  3. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Some, especially CRABs, wouldn't understand the General's feelings.

    Despite the long list of successes on Gen. Pace's resume, he never forgot where and with whom it all started.

    "After just over 40 years of service, when I do get out, I will still owe the Marines of 2nd platoon, Golf Company, more than I could ever repay," he said. "I'm so proud to be here with you."
  4. And Trip to be honest this post would interest us! Why?
  5. Are you pissed??

    The senior ranking Officer of the United States Military has taken the time to go and meet the 30 or so blokes serving in the same platoon in which he saw combat 40 years ago.

    If you are so Pavlovianly anti American as to yap on and make a snide point about this, you are a fool.

    Ask a grownup about concepts such as loyalty, service, humility.

    On second thoughts, just fuck off.
  6. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    Thanks! I couln't have said it any better!
  7. I'll second that bravo bravo. It clearly meant a lot to the marines he visited as it would to any of us if a similar situation happened. He took the time out to visit his old platoon. Nice touch I thought. Shame he didn't bring a stash of leave passes with him!

    Maybe if it was a Britmil General visiting his old platoon to say goodbye it'd be different I guess.... :roll:

    Having a lot of experience of both US Mil & Britmil here I know who'd come and get us out of the sh1t. And it ain't Britmil as has been proved many times. And I'm fcking ashamed of that fact as an ex-British Soldier :( 8O :x
  8. If he wanted to do something to help those blokes, he would have stood up 5 years ago and told Rumsfeld and the Shaved Chimp that the plan for their little foray into Mess-o'-potamia and the after-party was a pile of steaming sh1t. (Mind you, the youngest lads there would have been about 13 when all this kicked off so they wouldn't have been paying that much attention at the time.)That's the very definition of the JCS job. They are NOT operational commanders and they have no executive authority, the JCS was established to be the principal military advisors to the President and SECDEF, so no BravoBravo, he does not head the US military.

    Since he served in Vietnam he should have applied the lessons that Colin Powell and HR McMaster gave when it came to the average fighting man and woman being fcuked about by their political masters when they decide to play war. Now he's on a nostalgia trip and we're supposed to be impressed? Bugger off.

    "I'd only retire when I stop being promoted." Doesn't sound like ticket-punching behaviour to me at all.

    As for the lads being impressed. Consider for a second the source (i.e. USMC PR). Squaddies are squaddies, doesn't matter where they're from. If they were happy about anything it would probably be about being pulled off the line for the day. It certainly wouldn't be about all the admin bullsh1t that comes with a CJCS visit. Do they paint the sand yellow out there?
  9. Maskirova; you are changing the subject. I assume you can state and prove categorically that he did not privately do this?

    Thought not.

    I have corrected my thread; my point remains the same.
  10. As does mine. His job was to warn his bosses of the risks. He didn't. There is supporting evidence to help establish this, here's one bit:

    According to Michael Gordon and Lt Gen Bernard Trainor (USMC, ret'd) in Cobra II, it was Pace's office (Vice Chair-JCS at the time) that was telling Tommy Franks during the planning phase that his troop requests were too large. (Page 111-112). The worry being that they didn't want to approach Rumsfeld with a request he was sure to reject. They were more concerned with not upsetting the boss than telling him what he needed to hear.
  11. Divertimentiki.
  12. Any chance of you using English, BB? You challenged, I responded. The article talked about what a good guy he is, looking out for his boys etc. etc. I pointed out that if he did his job properly, rather than being a modern day Captain Darling, his boys might not have found themselves in the hole they're in now.

    Besides, what else is there worth talking about regarding this non-story courtesy of the Multinational Forum's biggest dullard?