USMC Enlistment during WW2?

What was the length of enlistment for ORs during the war, in both Leckies and Sledges memoirs Leckie and Don Burdett? Leave the Corps and Basilone re-enlists before Iwo Jima,was it a case of if you joined before the outbreak of the war you served a fixed term and draftees were for the duration?


I don't know the answer & would be intersted to hear. I do know that the pacific theatre had a very high turn over rate within its units through KIA, WIA including battle shock/PTSD & tropical disease.
It was September 1940 when we started up Selective Service again, for the first time during "peace time." When we started the draft it was for 12 months, and we set a cap of 900,000 in training at any given time. Less than a year later, in August 1941, the service commitment was extended another 18 months. Four months later, eight days after Pearl Harbor was attacked, the service commitment was extended to "the duration of the war + 6 months." Conscription was initially for every man between 19 and 57, but that was extended to registration for all men including ages 18 to 64. By November 1942, the nation lottery was dropped and local boards were doing a more selective administrative selection of inductees, including the 18 and 19 year old men, and in December 1942 FDR signed an EO that men from 18 to 37 could not join voluntarily in an effort to keep some workforce on the home front. The Navy and Marines had equivalent service contracts for volunteers and inductees, but differing term obligations for the volunteers. The Army lumped all into the special category of the AUS with the same "war + 6 months" term.

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