USMC Dinner Honoring USMC KIA in Iraq and Afghanistan

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. This slide show depicts one of a series of formal dinners recently hosted by the USMC where the NOKand Marine comrades are invited to the USMC National Museum (at USMC expense) to honor their fallen Marines. I know some of our hardened ARRSERs will find it too "soft" but I make no apologies as anything done in good taste to honor our fallen is appropriate as too often their sacrifice is so quickly forgotten after the funeral.

    Remembering The Brave

    In this connection an official USMC order was issued recently by the Commandant that requires an appropriate acknowledgement for USMC fallen ("those who have gone before") be made at any official USMC function (such as a specific toast at a mess night). Here is the order:

  2. Touching stuff. Thanks for the post JJ.
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  3. Not soft whatsoever.......
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  4. I quite agree, not at all untoward. A heartfelt gesture at the very least, far more than might be expected of our political 'leaders'
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  5. And a very nice slide show also. Thanks for posting JJH!

    Here in Massachusetts there is a ceremony annually on November 11th in the "Hall of Flags" in the state Capitol building where flags of all Mass. regiments are displayed. The ceremony is led by the state Governor. All "Gold Star" mothers and wives are invited and each is presented with a rose by a member of their loved ones service. At one ceremony I attended a Gold Star mother was overlooked. When the Secretary of Veterans Services spotted this he whispered this to the Governor, the ceremony was halted and the Governor and Secretary walked to the woman and presented her with a rose. Quite moving to see.

    Note for British friends: Since WW II the term Gold Star has been used as spouses/parents of the fallen are presented with a small rectangular pin with a red border, white background and gold star in the center.
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  6. JJH - This is a moving recognition of fallen marines and those they left behind as I would expect of an organisation with the élan and ethos of the United States Marine Corps. "Once a marine always a marine." I am also impressed by the Commandant General's direction of a toast, "to those who've gone before us" at official USMC mess functions. I left the British Army 11 years ago prior to the sandpit campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan and I don't know if the British Army or the Royals recognise the sacrifice of our fallen in the same way. I hope they do.

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  7. JJH, please don't confuse the time served arsers with the chav gob shites, we've all buried our own.
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  8. I know and certainly meant no disrespect whatever to those ARRSERs who I hope understand the actual feeling I was trying to convey.

    I hope is is clear by now that I have the UTMOST respect for the sacrifices of all our fellow warriors--US, Brit or any other who have fought with us, whether the "ultimate," or the horrific as in the case of my friend Dingerr and others. I for one will NEVER forget those who have gone before, during or after my time in the crucible.

    Again, I make no apologies to those who make light of, or otherwise prefer not to have, such emotive expressions on ARRSE.
  9. I wish the British government/MoD had the same outlook on a soldiers sacrifice.

    The MoD would chuck a few parachutes in an old gymnasium, have some scroats waiting on, as everyone sat round old tables, folding, wooden, 6ft.
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