USMC AH-1 Super Cobra pilot Katie Horner: Ready to Kill

I bet she still can't reverse park it though :D
r.sole said:
But is she hot?
It would be better if this post was in the NAAFI Bar - at least we could give it the proper consideration that it deserves.

edit: mong spelling


that comment could only come from a septic ........wonder what gung-ho comment shed make if she was shot down and captured by them eyeraki ragheads?
She doesn't look anything fcuking like Meg Ryan. I want my money back.
From a recent NY Times article about the Americans in E.A'stan ( )

Female Apache and A10 drivers
..... There were more bomb drops and refusals to drop bombs, and then Becky, everyone’s favorite Apache pilot, swept in. Not only did she offer the comforting voice of a woman seeping right into their ears, but Becky was one of the most aggressive shooters. She flew up and down the canyon walls seeking out and rocketing insurgents .....

.... As the medevacs flew out, Sergeant Sandifer had talked in air cover: Slasher, the AC-130. The pilot was a woman and, Sandifer later told me, “It was so reassuring for us to hear her voice.” She spotted guys hiding and asked if she was clear to engage. “ ‘You’re cleared hot,’ I told her. And we killed two people together.” But, at this point, the killings were no consolation to Sandifer ....

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