USMC - a way ahead?

Here's one to consider.  And yes, again this would probably be killed straight away by the counters.

Having been fortunate to work within the MEF, it would appear that their force structure which includes air as simply another manouevre arm, works pretty well.  As we were briefed by their pilots / ANGLICOs (Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Companies who were attached to each battlegroup in order to control punishment dealt to the Iraqis by Cobras / FA-18s), air support is not the main event.  It is indeed just that, air support to ground manouevre.  It was excellent to see soldiers flying planes / helicopters in support of us on the ground, instead of us just being on the ground to be overawed by some nonce in a grow-bag who turns up when he feels like it if the sky is the right colour.  Probably, because they had the same training as their comrades in Bradleys / M1A1s, they were far more aware of what their role was, ie fire support.

And my argument?  Sack the RAF and get rid of the (skilled I'll grant you, as it must be fairly complicated to fly / nav / bomb) egotistical hotel-staying-ponces in blue and have them employed by the Army.  This will ensure a considerably larger degree of empathy and therefore more likely a desire to show up.  Let them keep their AEW / Fighters, but everything which can fly in support of ground forces, be chopped away from them and given to the green side.  Let them do the same basic training and therefore understand what it's like, it seems to have worked well for the USMC so why not us?
I made a similar point elsewhere on another thread regards the MEF's ability to undertake a variety of roles.

I still think this is a model for units that will be involved with future conflicts, we are part way there with 3Cdo and 16AA however these formations lack the right mix of armour / air cover.

The only downside I can see with the MEF concept is that they need a carrier battlegroup to get them anywhere, or at least a dedicated airlift capability. This would make us reliant on the Navy or bin that idea then.  

As has been discussed on other threads, the use of heavy armour in GWII has shown that it is not redundent and still has a part to play. The force deployed should be capable of overcoming the type of threat, if the threat is a conventional enemy if there is such a thing, then we send the heavy armour / armd inf / arty as per GWI and II.

(Why then were 16AA Bde deployed in GWII I here you ask..........because Gen Jackson is Para Reg and he wasn't going to let the boys miss out...........and speaking as a former Para I couldn't agree more).