using youtube sound but not video

I want to use a video clip of you tube but just want to use the sound in a power point presentation. Is there a way to do this?


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Is this a Wah, because I'm sitting here listening to Gorillaz writing on Arrse,
Not a wah, trying to do a presentation on Mount longdon and want to use Maggies voice at the start, but with no video and then use her voice at the end of the presentation. Whilst i write this i am listening to Happy Mondays but needed to know how to get the audio into a powerpoint presentation.
Would he not have to convert it into a .wav file from MP3 first for Powerpoint?
You can convert it from an MP3 to a 'windows audio file'/WMA using 'windows movie maker.' Drag and drop onto the timeline. Movie tasks, finish movie, save to computer. I think that should work.

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