using your trade in the army???

Hi eveyone, just passed my ADSC and i am joining the RE as a bricklayer & concretor. Wanted some information on what to expect in traninig and how often you will get to use your trade in the army?

You will be very good at building BBQ's, Im a civvy PLumber and a RE Chippy ,but while I was in I did more plumbing than chippying ,
Also depends on what tours you do and what units you go to ,but this info is 10 years old now so is well out of date ,but congratulations on joining the BEST,
While you are in training ,work hard ,listen and dont gob off !!!!!!!!!also do your best and then some
Welcome to the family :D :D :D REgards


blind662 said:
You will be very good at building BBQ's,

,but this info is 10 years old now so is well out of date
Indeed you are a little out of date.

Plenty of construction going on - either on tour or OTX. And as a B&C you will be used more than some of the more specialised ones. But often more C than B! And blockwork rather than fancy bricks!
Not sure about qualifications now but I got my sparky City and Guilds 236 parts 1,2 and C as well as many sundry ones (I had the good fortune to spend 6 years working on RAF stations doing my trade)
tom_williamson23 said:
thanks for the information? also what sort of qualifications can i gain in the RE
Depends really.

City and Guilds / NVQ for your trade, NVQ for just 'being in the Army'..driving licences, sports quals, mountaineering quals, scuba diving instructor quals.. list goes on.. As you progress up the food chain so your quals will improve with your rank and length of service. pick up an ILM (institute of leadership and management) qual as you go thru the JCC right up to things like one where I know someone, not very academic, who now has a Degree as a result of various bits and bobs he collected from his service coming together to turn into the Degree.

There's more to The Army than just career based qualifications, often which can then lead on to a wholly different career when you get out than you first imagined when you joined.

Eyes wide open n all that.
You will get an opportunity to qualify for the ICA (Intermediate Construction Award - from CITB) in trowel occupations, you will do Global Online Testing (GOLA) for Health & Safety and will get a Military Certificate for Scaffolding.
After about 18 months you may return to complete your Class 1 training where you will get an opportunity to gain the ACA (Advanced Construction Award).

You will have many opportunities to use your trade worldwide.
When you leave you will have a trade that will provide you a reasonable income - so stick it out.
you can do what you want course wise, if you have decent bosses.
A_Knocker_Till_The_End said:
you can do what you want course wise, if you have decent bosses.
What does a GOOD brickie need a boss for ?

Get yourself some time in, get a decent customer base, work all year round, get some plastering qaulifications and PLENTY of practice, you will be set for life

Qaulifications and a couple of quid will get you a cup of coffee :(

Civvies dont give a toss what papers you got, they want to know if you can do the job and as cheap as a Pole or a Czech or Albainian

You just needs bags of expeirience, any fool can stack bricks (and many do) you're only as good as your last job :eek:
What a complete load of fucking bollocks!!

Why does a decent brickie (military, mind..this is ARRSE after all) need a boss? Let me think about that for approximately 2/10 of a second...

Well There'll be the trade restriction..So, our decent sprog brickie has to endure x amount of years service before he can get out.
During that time he will be managed by his superiors.. thatll be his bosses.. now if he's got a boss, he will be trawled out at every opportunity to keep his hand in at his trade. Weekend work isnt always forthcoming as a sprog, what with guardshift, training and the like to do. funny thing the army, they always want to train you for something..matts.. b2..b1..Optag.. and then tours overseas.. so the lad is going to suffer if his boss isnt good.

During that time he'll build up his portfolio of and accounts of what he's done. Yeah right cos every cnut does that doesnt he.. nope.. His boss will be on top of him helping to keep him steered in the right direction, as thats what bosses do.. (well should be).. he'll have a nice list of jobs he's done to show his future employers. (as in clients)

Then we have the fact he'll be given a Class 1 course.. now off the back of that he will probably expect to be the dogs danglies, christ, he now knows the difference twixt frog up and frog down.. :lol: again there'll be a trade restriction imposed on him. but never fear he'll have been well guided by his bosses and will be adding military strings to his bow, gaining more dosh as a result..

But we dont want that do we.. no we want to get out of the Army and compete with the Polish workers, the gangs who go round and undercut the prices of the competition.. As long as the front's pointed up and the bricks sit nicely and it scrapes the regs, that'll do for the employers, cheap? yaaay! that'll do fine. But according to you we want to work as cheap or undercut them but still be that excellent brickie that we know the guy is..? BWAHAHA What a great idea. Sell the guy short! Work yer bollix off for a pittance.

Now a decent boss will be looking at this with said lad and be trying to help him with other options..helping groom him (not in a sexual way) towards something better. He's got the quals from brickying, got a few skills and a nice portfolio (cheers boss) but his trade isnt exactly dynamic, is it?
However it's the RE, he will get supported, even if it's just by word of mouth of his mates or these forums!

So boss time again, the lad has been promoted, his CR was gleaming, he ticked the right boxes and is now a Lance jack or full screw and class 1 to boot. awesome. he's now got a few health and safety quals, some managerial quals and his CV gleams like no other. He's probably now got time to do some distance learning, maybe do some business courses for when he gets out.. mainly paid for from ELCs and SLCs..
If his boss was good, he'd get him on a cherrypicker course..maybe the instructor's course.. even pushing him to Clerk of Works.. and the lad instantly stops being just a good bricky and now sits multiple highly qualified and competent in a number of things, much more employable in civvi street and head and shoulders above the average bricky.. Then as he's done a few years he'll do a bit of resettlement training and pick up something else to help him in civvi street. Link that to utilising the network he'll have built up in his time and he'll probably pick up a tidy little number with a pay packet a lot better than Stefan the Brickie from Poland.
Strings to his bow? There's Faaarsands of Em.. :wink:

or you can do it the hard way..

Get yourself some time in, get a decent customer base, work all year round, get some plastering qaulifications and PLENTY of practice, you will be set for life
Until you start to have to compete against the Eastern Europeans...


Military Career and better prospects at the end of it and a decent enough wage


Self employed brickie n plasterer, competing against Polish workers on short contract work

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