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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by HarrytheB, Jan 28, 2002.

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  1. after my last comment it came to me to ask if anyone had or is using their PDR and if they have any (real ) tips for completing them
  2. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    People who use them tell me that you have to keep it open a lot and document far more than you'd expect.  Its aparently difficult to remember a lot of stuff unless you do keep it up to date.

    Mine is used to elevate the coffee machine so that the ADC can plug it into the mains!
  3. thanks for that
    so sod the serious ideas our coffee machine has been unplugged for ages but i will use my two PDR's  :D
  4. I used my PDR to PVR - then left it somehwere in the office
  5. I once used mine to show the rest of the troops that I could balance things on me Head ? does that get me a job  ;)
  6. They make excellent Birthday/Christmas presents for young nephews who actually like the Army. Tell them that the files are used by the SAS for top secret thingies and the kids are made up.
  7. I can't work out how to use mine. I've heard it's easier if you take the plastic off, but frankly I'm not prepared to put that much work into it.
  8. I put wheels on mine and a scoop at the front..... watch next series of robot wars where you will see Sir Killalot pick it up on his spike, trundle off to the pit only to drop it in disgust half-way there......
  9. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    opened mine up
    put all the bits in it
    got all my certificates
    came to a halt as i couldn't work out what else i was supposed to use it for
    after 15 years i can't remember what i have done and when so it is not much use really
    guess if i had been given it as a boy soldier and then kept it up to date it might be more useful than the book end that it currently is
  10. mkw

    mkw Swinger

    1. Open PDR
    2. Empty contents into bin
    3. Fill with anything more useful like Pornography
    ;D ;D ;D
  11. What's a PDR?
  12. We first got them a few years ago, the CO was dead keen to get all the SNCO/Officers ideas so we had a full day on PDR for the whole regt. I recon that was the last time we ever saw them? I am out in three years time and I don't think a PDR is a bad thing at all. Just add to it as and when, you can allways strip it down in a year or two.
  13. Used to keep my PDR pride of place in the Regimental Training Wing shelf, so that soldiers could see it as they walked in.
    I had to remove it to make place for the brew kit that is set aside for special visitors.
    I didnt throw it away though, I gave it back to the Chief Clerk, he has put it in the admin store, in the hope that the next Regimental clearout will claim it, the rest of the uneccesary stationary, and other personnel that he has to keep on his books. Will SDR new chapter sort this out?!?!
  14. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    could always use it as a replacement for the body armour we never get issued :evil:
  15. :?: I am still waiting to get given my PDR folder, don't get any help from where to get one from, and still get punished for not having one. Can anyone help me with this? My fingers are turning Brasso colour!