Using your own kit in Basic

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Smelly_Tiger, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. OK, forgive me if this has been asked before, but I searched and couldn't find anything.

    My question is that if you have your own kit that you have purchased but is still British Army issue, will instructors/your unit have a problem with you using it or do you have to use the kit that you specifically were issued?

    I just ask as I have my S2000 smock and shortback bergen that I've grown used to over my years in the ACF, and I'd much prefer them to the collared, ripstop combat jacket and longback bergen I may get issued when I join.

    However, if I have to use what I'm issued, I can sell the smock and bergan and have cash in pocket!
  2. Quick answer, no, you can't use anything but issue during basic. Might get away with the Bergen though because they don't immediately look different.
  3. Training reg want all the courses looking the same and using the same kit, so you will have to make do with the issued stuff whilst training.
  4. Why sell them if you have got used to them? Just go back to using them after you've finished basic.
  5. IMOO if the kit is issue, general issue that is and not webtex or some such then I wouldnt have a problem with it.

    You do use the words MAY get issued, I wouldnt lose any sleep over it and as Grey says, if you do get hassle save it until after TSC(B/Inf).

    A quick word of advice though, dont play the ACF card too much.
  6. Wasn't planning on it, I'm not a second coming of Barbgenius (yes, I read Arrsepedia a lot)! :p It was just to say I'm not some walting airsofter who's bought all the gear for no real reason, I've actually used it for what it's intended for.

    But thankye lads, words of wisdom appreciated. Issued kit it is until after Catterick!
  7. To be honest, unless your CQMS is rubbish, I very much doubt that you will get issued with an old ripstop smock on joining. This isn't the ACF, the TA doesn't generally issue uniform that went out of date 10 years ago.

    Most TA soldiers I know all have the new-issue Windproof SAS Smock with hood. And likewise, you'll probably get the first bergen dragged off the shelf.

    At Catterick, units come from all over the country so you'll be able to wear and use whatever you like - as long as its Gen Issue stuff, if you tell them you got issued it, you'll be able to use it. It's advisable to take 2 smocks to CIC anyway, as the bayonet training tends to ruin one of them.

    As for the bergen, take your own if you like it. The CQ probably won't keep track of what type he issued you. If it gets broken, he'll likely exchange it - though may exchange for a longback. People don't generally seem to care all that much.

    For the smock, I would say take it and say it was issued to it... unless it's already faded somewhat from crawling around, in which case leave it. As the DS will wonder why everybody is wearing shiny new green kit and you're wearing a faded old smock.

    As for the ACF card, the following advice is easiest.


    a) Because you probably know nothing anyway. ACF instructors are civillians taught once by a CTT and then left to their own devices forever. RTC Instructors get regular updates about training etc.
    b) The Army's way of doing things changes all the time.
    c) It's better to learn something twice than never.

    Let your ACF background help you, but not become you. There will be people twice your age there who act complete civillians and you'll be banging onto them about all your ACF experience, totally unaware that they did 5 years in a Regular Infantry battalion. We had a fair bit of that.
  8. Don't even mention you're an ex-cadet, just turn up and use the same kit as everyone else, that's my advice.
  9. I've done (very) limited work with the Regular Army, so I know that the training offered in the ACF is... questionable. No one refers to the manual, people teach drills in their own specific way, however they want to, so nothing is as writ. I'd only have 3 years experience anyway, I'm only a lowly Cpl, nothing to brag about.

    I'll be sure to keep it on the down-low, reserve breaking out the alt-bergs and lowas until I'm through CIC... :p Thanks lads, advice appreciated.

    Although of course I'll mention that all the advice I got was off ARRSE, everyone will think I'm one of the lads for that!

    Note: Last sentence IS a wah.

  10. Ahh good to see they're still using Recruits as Bayonet Targets.
  11. ...what? :(

  12. yes, you're still young and fresh, so one of the DS will probably make you a target for his pork bayonet.

    nothing to worry about, ask Jarrod. He liked it so much he stuck with it.
  13. I could make a hilarious comment about preferring a pork sword over a pork bayonet, but I'm not quite sure I'm ready for that level of black humor just yet.

    And I'm hardly fresh. I have to shave twice a week y'know!
  14. My bold. Unless you actually prefer the pork bayonet/sword, I'd keep the use of the phrase"on the down-low" to a minimum! :wink:
  15. The jacket with collar is actually better than the smock with a rolled up hood - you can get your head into a fire position whilst wearing your helmet!

    I've taken odd bits of personal kit - metal mug nobody seems to mind, old woolly pully and so on but to be honest, everything I've been issued has been fine, so much better than the crap we used to get when I joined first time around in 87 - back then I bought practically all my own kit from boots to bergen.

    Once I've completed CIC I will add some odds and bits but not much, the current issue kit seems pretty good to be honest.